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92 honda accord: clutch..trouble locating it...diagram below

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I too am looking to bleed the clutch on my 92 honda accord. I am having trouble locating it. What I see is a little different from the diagram below. Can you describe where I can find it? Is the slave cylinder behind the radiator on the passenger side and accessible from the front of the car?

Hello I will help you with your question,


To bleed your clutch you can open the bleeder screw on the slave cylinder and let the fluid flow for a count of thirty. Do not let the level in the reservior drop below half way during this time


The slave cylinder is located on the transmission, if you follow the pipe from the clutch master cylinder it will attach to the slave cylinder








This is the procedure to bleed the slave but I would just open the bleeder and let it drip for the thirty seconds, close the bleeder, fill the reservoir and check the pedal


  • Bleed the clutch hydraulic system:
      • Attach a hose to the bleeder screw and suspend the hose in a container of brake fluid.
      • Make sure there is an adequate supply of fluid at the master cylinder, then slowly pump the clutch pedal until no more bubbles appear at the bleeder hose.
      • Refill the master cylinder fluid when done.
      • Use only DOT 3 or 4 brake fluid


    Let me know if you have further questions about this procedure








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    Customer: replied 8 years ago.
    Relist: I still need help.
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.
    That was not the solution. My clutch gets stuck on the floor and will not come back up on it's own. I can pull the clutch back up and it stays up until it is depressed again. I believe I have a problem with the rod that goes through the firewall and goes into a cylinder on the engine side. I believe it is that cylinder that is stuck. How to I fix this problem?

    If the rod is attached to the pedal arm the fault might be with the master cylinder. Try testing to see what is going on. Start with the pedal at the top of its travel and push it to the floor while watching the slave lever on the transmission, if it does not move the master or slave cylinder is at fault. I would replace both as they are 18 years old.


    If the slave does move the lever but the lever dose not return:


    Remove the slave cylinder from the transmission and operate the clutch lever with a hammer handle, If the lever operates normally reinstall the slave and we will look further


    Let me know what you find


    Thank you



    Customer: replied 8 years ago.
    My buddy did move the clutch lever (without removing the slave cylinder) and I was able to put the car in gear and before I was unable to. Is it necessary to remove the slave cylinder?    Is the master cylinder located by the firewall in which the rod goes into? I feel as if this is the location of the problem.   If so do I take of the nuts from inside the car to remove it?

    The master cylinder is the shown in the diagram below, the nuts are on the inside, you can remove them when you remove the pin that holds the rod to the pedal.




    Pry cotter pin out of clutch pedal pin, then remove pedal pin from top of clutch pedal.

  • Remove master cylinder to firewall attaching nuts and bolts, Figs. 2 and 3.
  • Remove clutch pipe and reserve hose from master cylinder, then plug pipe and hose to avoid excess spillage.
  • Reverse procedure to install, bleed hydraulic system as described under Service and Repair / System Bleed.

    Let me know what else I can do for you



    Thank you



    Customer: replied 8 years ago.
    I just need to wait until my parts come in. Not sure how this works. You replied 3 times to my answers. i hope $23 that I agreed to should suffice for your time.

    I will be happy to help you until your clutch problem is repaired.


    When your parts get in install them and bleed the clutch then let me know if you need anything else. Be sure to operate the lever on the clutch to ensure it moves smoothly and returns to the released position without problem.


    I will be watching for your post when you can proceed further with this


    Thank you