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99 Honda Civic: it cost to replace the A/C compressor in my

Resolved Question:

How much should it cost to replace the A/C compressor in my '99 Honda Civic?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  Steve replied 8 years ago.
   you will find the cost will vary widely from one shop to another depending on such things as brand and quality of the replacement parts, the thoroughness of the mechanic doing the repair, and teh hourly labor rate of the shop.
   I can give you honda's published prices:

Compressor:    546.14
Labor time to replace 2.3 hrs

At the same time, the receiver/drier should be replaced to prevent a repeat failure.

Drier:    104.45
labor for drier replacement:   .6 hr

After replacement, recharging the system will be required; this is typically about $100 in most areas.

using an average labor rate of $75/ hr, this gives a cost total of about   650.59 for parts, recharging of about $100, and $217.50 in labor

   Total repair cost should be around $968.09 plus tax.

using aftermarket parts, or a shop with a cheaper labor rate would reduce the cost somewhat.
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