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2000 Accord LX: it turns over but wont start..started happening

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Have a 2000 Accord LX and it turns over but won't start. Just started happening.
Hi, is this a 4 or 6 cylinder accord?

Have you checked for spark yet?

When you try to crank the car over look at the GREEN key light on the dash. Does it go off or blink as your cranking?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
My 2000 Honda is a 3.0 Accord 2 dr LX. It has 150,000 and starts perfectly every time. The past 4 weeks I haven't been driving it much and it won't start on Monday and now today. I left it alone for several hours and it cranked right up. It turns over great, but won't catch. The green securtiy light goes out the SRS light goes out as I crank. It could be the plugs, but it runs so well once it catches, no roughness of any kind. Would moisture effect the car (I live in Florida) and it has been rainy this week? It happened once before, but started up again soon after, but I was driving it regularly then.

Thank you.

Possible you might have a main fuel relay acting up. Usually they show sings of problems when they get hot. Like going to the store and coming out adn it wont start.

The other time it happened was it a similar situation ?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
That was the case today, but not the other day. It has been sitting overnight. What is a 'main fuel relay' and how do you replace it? What happens when the relay acts up? Answer and I'll hit 'accept.' Thank you.


When the main fuel relay acts up the car cranks but doesnt start. It basically stops the fuel pump from running. There are contacts in the relay that actually crack over time from the constant heating and cooling of them. When the car gets hot either from a trip or from sitting in the hot sun they tend to lose contact. Then once they cool down they reconnect.



The relay on your car is located uo under the dash on the drivers side.


CLICK HERE for the location.

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