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1990 honda accord ex, ignition wont turn with key in ignition

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Hi there,


Did you try turning the steering wheel away from the locked position?

Did you try wiggling the key?


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes, I've tried everything, even the spare key, but no movement. I can put key in ignition but it won't budge. My son drove it home last night and could not turn the key to shut it off and we had to disconnect battery cable to turn off engine.


The ignition key tumblers are bad causing the lock to be stuck. You need to get it repaired/replaced to solve the problem.


In the meanwhile, if the key is stuck in the ON position, try spraying some WD 40 into the key slot and try wiggling the key to turn it.


If your vehicle is auto transmission. the steering lock assy has to be replaced as a unit. For manual transmissioon models, the key cylinder can be replaced without removing the steering lock.



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