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1999 Honda accord lx: distributor..coil, cap, spark plugs..oil change

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1999 Honda accord lx misfire codes po300-302 hesitation and surging, had new distributor, coil, cap, spark plugs tune up, oil change, seems to be worse after distributor.. starts fine, drives ruff and cuts off at red light.. automatic trans, some tech told me I needed a new engine, hed checked the compression and all but one was off, then he sprayed something on the engine and said iit was steaming and foaming and that indicated i needed a new engine. Can you help?

Welcome to the site

can you tell me the mileage on the car.

was the tune up parts factory or after market ?

where did you buy the distributor from honda ?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
166,000 miles, after market and auto zone.

ok does the car seem like it miss's when driving like a bad plug?

do you still have all the stock parts ? like the wires ?

can you tell me the last time the valves were adjusted ?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

yes the car seems like it misses when driving like a bad plug, no I do not have all the stock parts, none of them, don't know when the valves were changed just purchased the car last week.

ok well i would start with isolating the cylinder in question.

while the car is running you can remove 1 plug wire from the cylinder head at a time and see if you can locate the cylinder that does not get affected much by pulling the wire.


you should not get shocked as long as you dont pull the wire all the way out.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
ok, what result am I looking for? Concerned about the response from the mechanic saying that I need a engine, what would consituite that?

the cylinder that is affected will narrow it down to a bad spark plug bad wire or tight valves.

have you done a compression test yet ?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Just had new spark plugs, tune up, distributor, hoses, compression test was done, all within 10 % (120) and cylinder number 4 was 180, then the mechanic sprayed something on the engine and pointed out that it started to steam up and this is what he said resulted in me needing a new honda engine? Can't understand that, also poured some oil into the last cylinder on the right for some troubleshooting.

ok by him spraying something on the intake does not mean it needs a engine . the intake is very hot and anything sprayed on it will evaporate like what your describing.

how long has this been going on.

you replaced all these parts and you still have the same problem .

since you have the scanner can you see if their is a code stored please.

also did you check the intake tube for anything disconnected ?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
This has been going on about a week since I bought the car, the check engine light has been on, had the oil changed, cost 125.00 and checked all fluid levels. I replaced all these parts and still have a problem, after changing the spark plugs, distributor, wires hoses the whole nine, the car simply got worse, the engine jumps, seems like maybe the timing is off, don;t know if that would cause it stall out at a red light and hesitate, dont't know if he checked the intake tube . Don't know what you mean when you ask for stored code?

yes please their should be something going on with this.

im wondering if the distributor when installed the timing was not set ?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

What do you have to do to set the timing? Then I can tell you if he did it. He did check and see if the distributor and hoses all matched up to the cylinders, here are the codes from auto zone: PO 300 cylinder misfire detected, probable cause , fuel system concern, ignition system,,NAF sensor faulty, retin sensor faulty, blocked intake or exhaust, cylinder number 1 misfire detected, vacum leak affecting on cylinder, engine mechanical condition..PO 301 and PO 302 same senerio

ok so the problem is most likely in the #1 cylinder so it could be a bad plug or a bad wire. have you inspected the spark plugs.

see the problem here is we need to recheck all the work that has been done so i can make sure nothing was over thier a sensor on the top of the air filter housing ?


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Don't know if their is a sensor on the top of the air fiilter housing, I can look and see. How do you detect a bad plug, what do I look for? Remember these codes were pulled before I got the spark plugs and wires, hoses and distributor changed. Still the same problem. OK so you think the problem is most likely #1 cylinder, bad plug or wire? Explain to me why you think I don't have a bad engine?

if you had a bad engine the compression would show that.

the problem you have is not a bad engine but a bad part or tight valves.

if you remove the plugs you will be able to see if the gap is 0.43" or 1.1mm and if the plugs are oil or fuel fouled.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
ok, I will check it out tomorrow, it is after midnite I am on EST, I do remember him saying the new plug was worn around the edges and the socket was somewhat loose on one of the plugs, although it was brand new from murrays and so was the hoses, kinda cheap though. In regard to the compression what should it be showing on all four cylinders?
About 180 is about right give or take 20 to 40 lbs
I honslestly would start with a valve adjustment and retest. I have a feeling that is the main problem here.
MASTER TECH and 3 other Honda Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you for the information, I will begin with that.

ok let me know what happens i would like to make sure we nail this problem.


are you going to adjust the valves your self ?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

No way!!!! i am a lady with no car appittude except for the last week when told I needed a new engine, I now watch everything the mechanic does, I get under the hood with him, I guess I could change the spark plugs and distributor with the right tools, but for sure I can accurately do a compression check, and know what the ratio's are, thanks for all your help, you are an expert. I will contact you later, I own a lexus sc430 and the CEL is on, 2002, 24,000 miles, thank you

-Honda 2010

very nice my hat off to you for making the attempt and wanting to learn or at least be informed and your on pace with the mechanics. kudos to you .