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i am getting error code P1259 on my 98 honda accord...i changed

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i am getting error code P1259 on my 98 honda accord...i changed out the entire VTEC module...took out for a test run and found at approx 4000rpm the engine shutters...runs fine until then. is the code just a catch all for other problems as wel?

Hi, I can help you. Is this a 4 or 6 cylinder?

Did you change the spool valve assembly , the pressure switch and the solenoid?

New parts?


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
its a 4 cyl...yes i changed valve assy...which came with the oil pressure switch...i got them from the honda dealer yesterday

Ok, This code can set if the engine oil pressure is low.

Is the level ok?

Do you know if the engine has had regular oil changes?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the car has regular changes..the level is between the two marks on the dipstick...the filter in the old spool valve was not clogged or dirty at all

Ok, just checking the basics first. Thanks for the info.

I have found some info on this problem.......

MIL with DTC P1259:

'98 Accord L4 VTEC

On '98 Accord L4s with VTEC, DTC P1259 (VTEC

system malfunction) can set at idle or above 4,000 rpm:

  • If it sets at idle, the problem is with the VTEC pressure

switch circuit (switch, connectors, or wiring).

  • If it sets above 4,000 rpm, the cause is low oil pressure in

the VTEC system.

To find and correct the cause of the DTC, do this:

1. Use the PGM Tester to check the vehicle's freeze data

or snapshot data to see when the DTC was set.

  • If it set at idle, go to step 2.
  • If it set above 4,000 rpm, go to step 4.

2. Disconnect the 2P VTEC pressure switch connector,

and jump its two wires.

3. With the ignition switch ON (II), the PGM Tester

should show that the VTEC pressure switch is ON.

  • If the Tester says the switch is ON, the wiring and

connectors are OK, so the switch must be bad.

Replace the switch, clear the DTC, and return the

vehicle to the customer.

  • If the switch is OFF, check for an open circuit

between the switch and the ECM/PCM or between

the switch and ground. After you repair the open

circuit, recheck the switch, then clear the DTC, and

return the vehicle to the customer.

4. Remove the valve cover, and check for a loose center

head bolt on the intake manifold side. A loose bolt can

cause a drop in pressure in the VTEC system.

  • If the bolt isn't loose, go to step 5.
  • If the bolt is loose, torque it to 22 lb-ft (29 N⋅m),

turn it another 1/4 turn, and then turn it another 1/4

turn. If the bolt won't tighten, its threads are

probably stripped.

5. Remove the VTEC rocker arms, and inspect them for

sticking or missing synchronizer pistons or other valve

train problems that could cause an oil leak.

  • If you find any piston or valve train problems,

replace the faulty parts. Then clear the DTC, and

return the vehicle to the customer.

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