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I am replacing a wiper motor on a 2006 Honda Civic ( computer

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I am replacing a wiper motor on a 2006 Honda Civic ( computer report at the dealer indicated bad motor, $110 for part, $165 for labor...I'm handy w/tools). I've disassembled the fairings, and removed the bolt on top of the motor shaft, but the mounted plate won't budge off, and I prefer not to risk brute force. Also, access above and below the connector arms is extremely limited. 1) do I attempt more force to pry the fitting off the splined bolt, and 2)do the nylon arm bushing pop free so the assembly is easy to replace? Am I missing anything?

Hello I will help you with your question,



  • Remove the bolts and the under-cowl panel (A).
  • Disconnect the 5P connector from the wiper motor (B), then remove the six bolts and wiper linkage assembly (C




    1. Make sure the mark (A) on the link (B) is aligned with the mark (C) on the windshield wiper linkage (D).
    2. Remove the nut (E), and separate the link and windshield wiper linkage.
    3. Remove the three bolts, and separate the windshield wiper linkage from the wiper motor (F).
    4. Install in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:
      • Align the marks of the link and the linkage to install the linkage with the original adjustment.
      • Apply multipurpose grease to the moving parts.
      • Before installing the wiper arms, turn the wiper switch ON, then OFF to return the wiper shafts to the park position.
      • If necessary, replace any damaged clips.
    1. After installation, adjust the wiper arms


    You listed this as a 2006 Civic with a 1.4L Is this correct? Hybrid? 2 Door?


    Let me know if you have questions


    Thank you

    Customer: replied 8 years ago.
    Hi, This is the 4 door sedan.

    The wiper arms are frozen on their bolts, preventing access to the disassembly of the two side mounts.
    In the closeup of the actual motor mount, does the bushing in arm "D", snap over the male bushing on the link "B", or, in other words, can I pop the "D" arm off that fitting, and then after unscrewing the morot mount, wedge it out from under the cross link?

    You will have to remove the wiper arms, you can use a battery terminal puller or a tie rod puller to get them off, the bushing does snap onto the motor link but you will have to remove the assembly to get the motor out. Use the puller to get the arms off, you can get either one at most parts stores.


    The studs for the arms are slightly tapered and splined so they will be tight. If you are very careful you can put the nuts on a couple of threads and tap the nut as you pull the arm straight up but this is dangerous, I suggest the puller

    George H. and 3 other Honda Specialists are ready to help you
    Customer: replied 8 years ago.
    I'll pick up the puller tomorrow. Thanks for your help!
    Great, it really is the only way to do it. Thanks for using JA!!