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2005 Honda Accord LX L4 - Air filter removal. Having a difficult

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2005 Honda Accord LX L4 - Air filter removal. Having a difficult time removing the upper half of air cleaner assembly to access air filter element.
Hi, I can help you. Are the screws stuck or it the lid hard to remove because of the hoses attached to it?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Screws are not stuck - Lid is very difficult to lift and/or manuver due to the hoses and the trim that is directly overhead.

Yes it is. It isnt the best design. Tough to work with for sure.

It is possible to remove it by wrestling it out, pushing it towards the throttle body while lifting it. It is easier to loosen the screw clamp that holds the large air tube to the throttle body. there is a large and a small breather hooked to the tube midway that also need to be pulled off. Once the large tube is off of the throttle and the air cleaner the lid comes right off.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Very well.. I was afraid you were going to say that. Earlier, I tried to wriggle the air duct away from the housing but it was so tight that I ended giving up and succumbed to trying to wrestle the element out. Neither worked and back to square one with this endeavor. Funny this is, I have the service manual for the vehicle and there is no mention of anything but the four screws that hold the two halves together.

I know, its like step 1, remove air filter. Step 2 installed new filter.....

It is the hardest Honda filter to change. After 20-30 of them I have to touch. If you kind on accordion the tube toward the throttle it will clear the fender trim.

Make sure hen you are finished that the 2 breather hose are attached. We see a lot of Accords come in with the check engine light on after Jiffy Lube or someone replaced the filter and left then off.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Ok - just so I am clear. It is possible to replace the element by just loosening the four screws and prying the assembly back towards the throttle...
Yes, I do it all the time but it takes practice. You wont damage anything, it just seems like there should a better way.....
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