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roach, Honda Mechanic
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2003 Honda Civic is now parked. the steering is locked, the

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2003 Honda Civic is now parked. the steering is locked, the shift is locked in "Park", I put my foot on the break, the key remains locked and un-rotate-able, I shake the steering wheel in hopes of unlocking the mechanism, no response.

do your brake lights work

if not it is problem with the brake light swich

you will probobly have to replace the switch

if i have helped please accept
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The breake lights do work
it may sound dumb but i have seen it before are you sure the key you are using is the normal key for the car
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No dumb suggestion if it solves the problem. I went back out to try the keys. The original key that I always haveused enters and exits the ignition and the door keyholes smoothly, the new "extra" key does not enter well nore is it easy to remove from both the ignition and the door. I never got it in all the way because I didn't want to break anything in there and I thought I might not get it out. The battery seems strong as the driver open door causes a beeping and the rear break lights are strong.

does your origional key work

in door lock and ignition

your steering wheel might have to be more pulled from one side or the othher if key doesn't turn

steering lock might have pressure against it

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Yes, the original key works the door and enters easily the ignition keyhole but does not turn the ingnition key.

What does it mean "steering lock might have pressure on it" ? and can I do anything about it?

I tried to wiggle the steering wheel back and forth to no avail. I'll go out and try it again while awaiting your reply.

it is mechanical

sometimes the wheel is turned so it has a lot of pressure on the plunger that locks it in place so that it won't drop out of its slot and allow you to turn the key

before when i asked about the brake light switch i was thinking about not comming out of park not steering locked

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
So I tried it again, the original key (the only one I care about, I plan to get the spare replaced by the vendor) in the ignician. The steering wheel is hard to turn back an forth as if I'm getting resistance from the tires. The key will not turn in the driver side door but functions perfectly in the passenger side door. The interior dome light in the car has not worked for a awhile.

What can I do to release the pressure on the steering wheel lock?

By the way, Roach, thanks for hanging in there with me on this issue.

all you can do is try to pul on the steering wheel while trying to turn the key if it wont turn try pulling the other way

if it still won't turn you might have problems with the tumblers in your ignition switch

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
OK, So is this somthing that is best handled by a locksmith? an independant mechanic? or the Honda dealer?

Can't Turn Ignition Switch?

Check for Locked Steering

Got a service customer complaining he or she

can't turn the ignition switch to start the engine?

The reason could just be the steering column lock

pin is engaged with the front wheels turned.

Here's what typically happens:

Some folks use the steering wheel to help support

themselves while climbing in or out of the vehicle.

This is very common among elderly or disabled

drivers. Doing this turns the front wheels, which

twists the tires against the ground. The twisted

tires apply torque to the steering column. With the

ignition switch in LOCK (0), the steering column

lock pin is engaged. But the applied torque on the

steering column binds the lock pin, making it

tough to turn the ignition switch. The ignition

switch won't turn to ON (II) if the lock pin isn't

disengaged from the steering column.

Tell your customer there's nothing wrong with the

ignition switch itself. All he or she needs to do is

turn the steering wheel from side to side while

turning the switch. This usually releases the lock

pin so the engine can be started. In some cases,

though, your customer may need to give a good

tug on the wheel. This could easily happen when

parking on a hill and the wheels are turned

sharply before the engine is shut off.


if this doesn't help then i recomend dealership because best to replace lock and new lock would have to be reprogramed to car and honda doesn't recomend rekeyng their ignition switches

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Roach, Thank you very much for your time and expertise. I prepayed $15. do ou feel properly compensated for this transaction?

yes more than enough but you will have to accept in for me to get paid

and thank you

roach and other Honda Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks again.

Sacha Dybnis, DDS

thank you