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2000 odyssey engine oil leak

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2000 odyssey engine oil leak
HiCustomer Where is approx. the leak coming from? Making any noises?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for the quick reply. The engine - honda 3.5l v-6 - has leaked oil since about 40,000 miles. Was more of a nusiance than problem as the leak was slight. At 90,000-100,000 the leak became worse as did issues with the transmission. Honda replaced the transmission 1 year ago under their extended warranty and the dealer checked for the cause of the oil leak. After replacing the transmission, the leak was greatly reduced but still occured. The oil appears to be leaking from the lower transmission side of the engine block as the dripping oil is located around the joint where the transmission bolts to the engine. The leak rate has gone up quite a bit - about a quart every 1,000 miles. I remember seeing that Honda issued a TSB for engine oil leaks for the 2000-2001 models - porous engine castings? The van now has 140,000 miles on it and I really don't want to put a lot of money into a 9 yr old Odyssey. Have you seen this problem with the 2000 Odysseys? What is the typical cost for determing the cause and the repair for an engine oil leak like this? I have visions of the dealer having to pull the transmission and replace the main seal, etc for $1,000+... Is it worth calling Honda USA as they did issue a TSB for leaks for this model year. Thanks.
What you heard was correct. There are several places the block can leak. One of them being behind the transmission housing. Did they try th TSB at the time of trans. replacement? Just trying to gather when it slowed down and the re-appeared. I personally (under a factory warranty) have replaced a few short blocks by Honda's recommendation but if the TSB has not yet been attempted, that is a good start. Engine oil dye's are available to make pinpointing the leaks alot easier. This may be a good first step. Let me know if I can further assist you. Thanks!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks. found the TSB information - 01009 - v6 engine oil leaks. sep 02 and feb 04


From your experience working at a Honda dealer, how good are the service depts when dealing with older (2002-2004) TSB problems like the oil leak? Just trying to get a feel if it is worth visiting the local dealer or calling Honda USA to see if they will fix it under the TSB? Based on the information I have seen on sites like this, this oil leak problem was pretty big - Odysseys, Accords, etc from 2000-2004... Other than the leak, the van has been very good. Thanks again for your expert assistance

You are quite welcome! I strive to pass on info that is as accurate as possible. As far as your dilema, if American Honda is no stranger to you for assistance providing, it's a good play. Right now at my dealer, even if a car is 125K miles or better, Honda has been footing the bill for some major repairs. Seems they're trying to make an impression in this upside-down auto crisis! So I'd say your chances are pretty good! If I have answered all your questions, please accept this answer and leave feedback for me please! If not I am more than willing to answer any other questions you may have. Thanks again!
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