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2003 Honda: metallic rattling noise mostly when cold..Km..powertrain

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2003 Honda CRV engine has metallic rattling noise mostly when cold, when warm just little noise. I purchesed this car with 35000 Km, it is now 74000 Km. Honda service told me normal powertrain noise. Now I removed cam cover to look the source of noise and find it out #1 exhaust cam worn, surface pitted at lobe area. Rocker arm roller is fine not worn. Valves not sticking. No more warranty left on car. Need your opinion please, what could couse this pitting?
I have seen 3 or 4 of these engine with this condition. All I can say is it must be a problem with the oil level or condition. Does the engine look brownish inside like to oil may not have been service enough?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi, I am car mechanic too at Hyundai dealership, It was a lease return car, so I don't know how was the oil change done before. Since I have this car I do oil and filter change around 10000km so it is always clean. I bought new exhaust camshaft and I will install it today. First I thought timing chain rattling and I replacing tensioner too. Is there any service bulletin about camshaft failure? Inside clean, no sludge or burned carbon. I can send you picture too, it is very fine pitting I guess hardeness or casting problem, only one cam worn. I have to go to work now but I'll be back tonight. Thanks a lot!

Ok, have a good day.

There may be some dasting flaws , we have had quite a few of these lately.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Ok I change oil around 5000Km and not 10K.

Today I replaced camshaft, adjusted valves and feel like I have a brand new car!

So quiet and smooth. No more rattle.

One more question, If timing chain out 1 chain link or half a link is it make trouble codes -segment time incorrect- or not? Before I removed timing chain it was not aligned properly the 2 marks on camshaft gears to mach horizontally with camshaft holder in middle line, it was above ~5mm when crankshaft was on TDC.

I have seen a few do that and yes they coded .

You might have a tensioner issue. The chain guides are wearing out on a few of these.