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Reset , disable or bypass factory alarm system simpliest solution

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how to reset , disable or bypass factory alarm system simpliest solution
Not an easy task to disable the alarm. What year and model is your car? One area is bad hood switches on Accords
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
96 civic keyless entry would not open door so i used key and set alarm off unhooked positive terminal of battery to make it stop and tried cutting the hot wire going down to alarm it stopped the alarm but the car will not start
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
im looking for any solution that will allow me to drive my car again dont care if i have an alarm or not
I have a hard time sendinding pdf images but, If you get in the car an key on then push the vallet switch(a black button looking switch to left of the steering collum) that should turn it off and put it in valet mode. Do the power locks work at all?
I am figuring we are talking about a Honda alarm with a remote that is gray and says Honda on it.
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