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My 93 Honda Accord does not put out heat or air conditioning.

Resolved Question:

My '93 Honda Accord does not put out heat or air conditioning. I am trying to locate the fan motor to see if it is bad. Where is that located?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Honda
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

1993 Honda Accord
Expert:  BigBob replied 8 years ago.

Honda Service News November 2003 TITLE:
Heater Blower Motor Gets Hot or Blows a Fuse APPLIES TO:
1990-04 Accords, 1992-04 Civics, 1997-04 CR-Vs, 2003 Elements, 2000-04 Insights, 1995-04 Odysseys, 1996-02 Passports, 2003-04 Pilots, 1997-01 Preludes, and 2000-04 S2000s SERVICE TIP:
A blocked cooling hose for the heater blower motor can cause the motor to overheat, draw more current, blow a fuse, or even melt its plastic
impeller. Before you order a replacement blower motor, make sure the cooling hose isn't blocked. On some models, you'll find the cooling hose molded into the blower motor housing; on other models, it's a separate piece. Check the S/M for the vehicle you're working on to determine the actual location of the cooling hose.

Here is the removal and check procedure.


  1. Remove the glove box.
  2. Remove the glove box frame.

Pull back the carpet and remove the kick panel. Remove the four ECM bracket mounting nuts. Disconnect the five connectors and remove the ECM and bracket.


Remove the clamp and two screws, then remove the two-piece cover


Remove the two bands as shown.
Remove the two screws and three blower unit mounting nuts.
Disconnect the three remaining connectors, and pull the blower unit away from its mounts, and "roll" the front of it down as you remove it.


Refer to illustration for component locations and replacement, noting the following:

  • Before reassembly, make sure that the recirculation control doors and linkage move smoothly without binding.
  • When reattaching the recirculation control motor, make sure its positioning will not allow the recirculation control doors to be pulled too far. Attach the recirculation control motor and all linkage, then apply battery voltage and watch the recirculation control doors movement. If necessary, loosen the holding screw and move the recirculation control motor up or down.

Connect the recirculation control motor connector to the main wire harness and turn the FRE/REC switch to "REC". Hold the recirculation control doors closed, then connect the control rod to the clip on the arm.


Install the blower unit in the reverse order of removal, then turn it on and make sure no air leaks from its seams.

NOTE: When installing the glove box frame, the flap which covers the end of it is installed with double-sided adhesive tape.

Good luck a little bit of a project,

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