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02hondafreak, Honda/Acura Technician
Category: Honda
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Experience:  3 1/2 years in Honda/Acura dealership-have done it all. 15+ years automotive work history.
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How do I change the spark plugs on my 06 Honda Accord EX. I

Customer Question

How do I change the spark plugs on my 06 Honda Accord EX. I dont see them.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  02hondafreak replied 9 years ago.

Welcome to Just Answer!


How many miles on your car? Honda does not recommend they be replaced until after 90,000 miles, I believe it is 105,000 for your car. You can check your owner's manual to be certain. I did find something that could help. Here it is:


Removal & Installation

Some models use a coil over plug ignition system. Each of the spark plugs has its own ignition coil which mounts directly above the spark plug and eliminates the need for a distributor, distributor cap, rotor and spark plug wires. Because the ignition coils are placed above the spark plugs, the coils must be removed before the spark plugs can be accessed.

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable, note the radio security code and, if the vehicle has been run recently, allow the engine to thoroughly cool.
  2. Remove the intake manifold cover.
  3. Remove the trim covers located above the cylinder head covers.
  4. Label the electrical terminals for each ignition coil, and detach the electrical connector from each ignition coil.
  5. Remove the fasteners securing each ignition coil to the cylinder head cover, then remove the coils.
  6. Using a spark plug socket equipped with a rubber insert to properly hold the plug, turn the spark plug counterclockwise to loosen and remove the spark plug from the threaded hole in the cylinder head. WARNING Avoid using a flexible extension on the spark plug socket. A flexible extension may allow a shear force to be applied to the plug. A shear force could break the plug off in the cylinder head, leading to costly repairs.
  7. Inspect each ignition coil for damage, or deterioration. Make sure the coils are clean, and free of debris, such as engine oil. If a damaged coil is found, it should be replaced. WARNING The original equipment spark plugs installed in the 3.5L V-6 engine are platinum tip spark plugs, and the plug gap must not be adjusted.
  8. Using a wire feeler gauge, check, but do not adjust the spark plug gap. When using a gauge, the proper size should pass between the electrodes with a slight drag. The next larger size should not be able to pass, while the next smaller size should pass freely.
  9. The spark plug gap should be 0.039-0.043 inches (1.0-1.1mm). If the spark plug gap exceeds 0.051inches (1.3mm) replace the spark plug.

To install:

  1. Apply a light coating of an anti-seize compound to the spark plug threads.
  2. Carefully thread the plug into the threaded spark plug hole by hand. If resistance is felt before the plug is almost completely threaded, back the plug out and begin threading again. In tight, hard to reach areas, a small piece of rubber hose pressed onto the spark plug can be used as a threading tool. The rubber hose will hold the plug and while twisting the end of the hose, and the hose will be flexible enough to twist before allowing the plug to cross thread. WARNING Do not use any excessive force when beginning to install the plugs. Always carefully thread the plug by hand or by using a rubber hose to prevent the possibility of cross threading and damaging the cylinder head threads.
  3. Carefully tighten the spark plug to 13 ft. lbs. (18 Nm).
  4. Install the ignition coils, then attach the electrical connector to each ignition coil.
  5. Install the trim covers onto the cylinder head covers and the intake manifold cover.
  6. Connect the negative battery cable and enter the radio security code.

Please let me know if you any other questions. Thank you.