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Jerry, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Honda
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Experience:  25 Years In The Automotive Trade 17 Years With Honda And Acura
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I am trying to find a wiring schematic for the 14 pin plug

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I am trying to find a wiring schematic for the 14 pin plug coming off the back of a 1998 Honda Accord "cassette" deck so I can determine what functions each wire does and so that my local "audio store" can connect it to my Pioneer model DEH-P3900MP stereo. Unfortunately my local Honda dealer (Medford Honda - of Medford Oregon) is no help and no one has a schematic for the cassette deck and my audio installer can't wire it into my Pioneer without knowing what each wire coming off the original deck does. He also says Pioneer only requires two wires for the audio jack and there are several wires in this 14 pin plug ( a few do not actually have wires connected to every individual pin on the plug though?)

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I found something that may work:

Try that , see if it works. I did find something else that is a pay site for a picture wiring diagram. I've never seen this site, so strictly up to you if you want to use. Here it is:


If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me again. Thank you.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.


Sorry Wes, "no" I do not accept your answer. Essentially you are telling me to do the same search for the answers I have already found doing my own Google search. If I wanted to pay for something that Honda should give me for free, I would have already done so with out agreeing to pay a "Honda Tech" to do the same thing I have already done myself? Sorry, I am not paying both you and another website to obtain a copy of a cassette deck wiring diagram.



What model Accord do you have? I don't understand why a stereo shop is having difficulty being able to hook up your aftermarket stereo. The stereo wire colors are preety much the same between the different years & models of cars that Honda has produced. The first link I sent you is not a picture of the harness, but written as to what & where each color wire goes to & it is free you do not have to pay for it. Did that help? Are you wanting to hook up the aftermarket stereo directly to the stock wiring harness & use the stock speakers or what exactly are you trying to do? I do not know why your local Honda dealer will not make a photo copy of the stereo wiring diagram for you. It really is not that big of a deal for them to do that. You may want to speak with a manager, if that would help. Please let me know. Thank you.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.


I already had found that 1st link 0myself before even trying "Honda-tech". As I explained in my 1st email and to Honda of Medford, I am taking a stock factory installed cassette deck that has a factory (14 pin) plug on it out of a 1998 Accord and I want to hook it into the Auxilliary position of my Panosonic stereo. The "boneheads" in the service dept at Medford oregon said the don't have a schemetic of the factory cassette deck, only the plug coming off the radio. They didn't seem to thing they were the same and this factory deck has 8 or 9 wires in 14 of those pin holes. The stereo store installer says that he only needs to know what 2 wires control the audio and the stereo does all the rest. So, what are the other 7-8 wires for? Is the FREE schematics right for a cassette player too? Honda told me the same cassette was used in 98 -2002 Accords, Preludes and Odessys? But are the wiring plug diagrams exactly the same or not?

Yes, Honda did use the same 14 pin connector for the different model stereo's. The 1998-2002 Honda Accord had an in glass antenna in the rear so no need to use a pin for the antenna trigger. I myself owned a 2002 EX-VL 4 door & was going to replace my stereo, I found that there was 2 harnesses, the 14 pin connector & a smaller 4-5 pin connector used for the steering wheel remote. So, yes Honda uses the same connector for the different model Accords. As for a little over half of the pins being used, my guess would be that you do not have rear factory speakers, your vehicle is a DX model? If your radio used all 12 of the 14 pins you would have speakers in all locations that would equal 8 pins by themselves, + 2 power (constant & switched), ground, & dimmer controls. My guess with your radio it is using 2 power, ground, maybe dimmer, LF +,- ;RF +,- ; for a total of 12 or maybe 11 pins used. I believe if your car is a DX & you do not have rear speakers, there should factory wiring to the rear area for the speakers.

I'm not sure what you are hoping to accomplish with hooking up both an aftermarket & factory stereo. Why & what for? If you do need to use the factory stereo, just have the stereo shop take the free wiring diagram I have provided you with, stare & compare with what is wired to the factory plug in conjunction with the pin locations to the radio. They can also roughly draw a picture of the factory harness times 2, label one side factory harness, with pin locations & diagram I sent you; other side would be radio & only pencil what pins are in that connector. Then they should be able to figure out what pins the factory radio is using & tie it in with the factory wiring harness. Please let me know. Thank you.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Wes,

I think this will be my final response and then I will click "accept answer". Here is the long story longer.... My daughter's Accord is a EX and when she bought it a year ago, it had a Panosonic "high end" CD , MP etc already installed with a separate factory cassette deck in the dash hole under it. Obviously a 23 year old barely knows what a cassette deck is and she never even attempted to use the deck (everything she owns is either an MP3 or is on CD). However Daddy ( the previous generation) did have many cassettes in his library but my company vehicle ( a 2007 tow truck, we own ) came with a similar Panosonic stereo, CD, MP3 player with an auxiliary port on the front. I am cheap and removed the cassette from her Honda Accord hoping to not have to drop a wad of $$ to regain the ability to listen to my old friends ( the cassettes ) or drop a wad of $ converting everything to MP3 or CD? Upon tearing into her Honda, I realized that who ever had installed her Panosonic just left the cassette player in the dash to "plug the hole" and never attempted to hook it up at all. I on the other hand, I do want to and I believe my tow truck only has 2 right and left rear speakers only, so quality of sound, electric antennas etc. never were even a concern for my project. Apparently the 98 Accord had a stock AM/FM radio with the cassette deck as a totally separate unit. I am just trying to get enough info. for my friend the stereo installer to be able to know which individual wires to grab and wire either direct or with some type of adapter in to the "auxilliary" port on my Panosonic. Hopefully I will end up with the best of all worlds eventually... a sweet Panosonic with built in CD, and MP3 capability and also the ability to press my remote botton into the "aux" position and hear my cassettes once again too. I really wish we had the ability to just chat on the phone and this entire "goose chase" would not have had to taken place for us both. I printed off your last response and the free web page you and I both found and hopefully my stereo installer guy can get me up and running next week? Please let me know if you have any other thoughts, comments or suggestions on my little "pain in your backside" project and when I read your next response, I'll be sure to "ACCEPT" your answer and finally get you paid. ( If I can) I'll even bump up what I was willing to pay you when I press "ACCEPT" for all your hassle! Norm

2 WHT/RED (Switched ignition input)

3 EX-V6: GRN/RED (Radio remote switch input)

4 EX: BLU (Security output)

5 RED/YEL (Right rear speaker +)

6 BLU/YEL (Left rear speaker +)

7 RED/GRN (Frt. pass. door speaker +)

8 BLU/GRN (Dr. door speaker +)

9 RED/BLK (Illumination (+))

10 WHT/GRN (Battery input)

2 3 5 6 7 8 9

12 13 15 16 17 18 19







50. Audio Unit

- Blue

- Center of dashboard

- On dashboard wire harness A




14 EX: BLK (G501)

15 BRN/WHT (Right rear speaker -)

16 GRY/WHT (Left rear speaker -)

17 BRN/BLK (Frt. pass. door speaker -)

18 GRY/BLK (Dr. door speaker -)

19 RED (Illumination (-))

20 BLK (G502)

number 1 is blank

number 2 white/red

Jerry, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Honda
Satisfied Customers: 66
Experience: 25 Years In The Automotive Trade 17 Years With Honda And Acura
Jerry and other Honda Specialists are ready to help you


I did not send that last response to you. What I think you should do, not sure why I didn't think of earlier, is contact the dealer & find out if you can buy just the end piece to the factory stereo. The dealer's used to carry these if someone hacked up a factory wiring harness & then wanted to install a factory radio back into the car. I'm not sure the exact cost, but that way you can install it is to hook it to the back of the factory Honda radio (plug it in directly), you have the pin out for the stereo & find a way to hook up to a plug connector & then to the auxiliary to the Panasonic radio. I have a better understanding of what you were getting at. Please let me know. Thank you.





P.S. I believe this other tech has been trying to get answered other peoples questions with no respect to the tech answering the question. I do not know if you are aware that you paid him & not me. You might want to contact a moderator or someone from the sight if you want to refuse his answer or not. Just making you aware of it. Thank you.