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acura mstr
acura mstr, Honda Master Tech
Category: Honda
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Experience:  ASE Master tech, , CA smog. ASE L1
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1994 honda civic: key lock cylinder..hatch..manual transmission..bolt

Customer Question

how do i remove the key lock cylinder from a 1994 honda civic hatch back with a manual transmission, i have the torx wrenches and removed the bolt but it still wont come out
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  acura mstr replied 8 years ago.
Hi,welcome to just answer. there is no need to bring the lock cylinder to honda to cut a key they can get the code from the vin # XXXXX your registration.and cut a new key . these locks are made not to come apart, honda says not to take the cylinder out . if honda doesn't have the key number, the glove box lock is a better place to get the code .
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yes i have gotten the key cut from the vin number 4 times each time a different key each time it doesnt work, i got the car from a priviate seller who custom made the interior or I would have found the key code in the glove box, the only other thing i can think of is that he changed the cyclider lock to the B18b1's from the acura it came out of, I have the vin for that motor but i didnt think it would be correct for the cyclider because when i got it he gave me two keys each that said Honda on them, i lost them both becasue they were on my key chain which fell out of my pocket one day i didnt realize and couldnt find them thank you for your time
Expert:  acura mstr replied 8 years ago.
ok,let me ask you this did the ignition key work in the door lock? if not just get another ignition switch if it did take the door lock cylinder out and get the number off it ,dont take the ignition lock apart heres the official word from honda on this click .However I have seen locksmiths take these apart and re key them but its cheaper to get a used lock then to pay them to fix it.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
haha well i would have tried the door lock but i put keyless door entry on the car, shaved the door handles and all locks off the outside of the car but i am going to try the motors vin number to get a key cut its really the last thing i can think of, the motor was swapped to a B18b1 out of a 1994 acura integra LS if that does work i'll come back haha thanks for your time
Expert:  acura mstr replied 8 years ago.
ok, let me know

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