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I have a 1998 Honda Civic that keeps throwing cylinder miss ...

Customer Question

I have a 1998 Honda Civic that keeps throwing cylinder miss codes. The codes are: P0302, P0304 cylinder misfire detected. P300 Random/Multiple cylinder misfire detected. P1399 Manufacture control Ignition system or misfire. I have changed, cap & rotor and plugs (factory), new wires and have adjusted the valves and checked compression, all ok. I took it to a Honda garage for this and the only thing he changed was the plugs back to factory saying Hondas are picky, then he drove it on the freeway and it town and said the light did not come on. I said great, how much. I paid $120.00. When I left the parking lot, after I took my truck home, the check engine light came one before I left the parking lot. The shop was already closed at this time, so I just brought it home and chalked it up to being ripped off. So my long winded question is what else can cause a check engine light to come on after a few trips around the block?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  ike replied 9 years ago.

A coil that is on the way out will make this happen, also here are afew other things. I just copied and pasted so if you already did some of it, disregard .

Something else that is not mentioned in here is sticky or clogged injectors.

Possible Cause.

Fuel pump insufficient fuel pressure, amount of flow

Fuel line clogging, blockage, leakage

Fuel filter clogging

Fuel pressure regulator stuck open

EGR system malfunction*1

Distributor malfunction

Ignition coil wire open, leakage

Ignition control module malfunction

MAP sensor range/performance, poor response*4

Valves carbon deposit

Compression low

IAC valve malfunction*4

VTEC system malfunction*2

Fuel does not meet Owner's Manual spec., lack of fuel


H02S circuit

*1: D16Y5 engine

*2: D16Y5, D16Y8, B16A2 engine

*3: '97 models

*4: '96 models

*5: '98 - 00 models

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Swapped the coil from my 1991 Accord and it still did the samething. Other than the code throwning, it runs good.
Expert:  ike replied 9 years ago.

I found this in a tech line Honda service news article

Here.s something from our .strange but true. file:

On .96.00 Civics, .97.00 CR-Vs, and .96.97 del

Sols, if the MIL comes on intermittently and

misfire DTCs are set, without an engine

performance problem, inspect the alternator drive

belt. If the drive belt isn.t a Honda drive belt,

remove or replace the drive belt, and retest.

Tech Line has had several cases where the

alternator drive belt caused intermittent misfire

DTCs that couldbe resolved only by replacing the

drive belt. The root cause of this problem is

related to the quality control of the belt.