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lorunner, Auto Service Technician
Category: Honda
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Experience:  13yrs honda tech, 18yrs in the business, ASE certified, honda school and training
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-----: 93 Honda Accord Check engine light Code 43..SE..engine code

Resolved Question:

93 Honda Accord Check engine light Code 43


I have a 1993 Honda Accord SE with 130000 miles on it. It recently started having the check engine light come on when you drive at a steady speed for about one mile and above 30MPH and Sitting still in netrual at a higher RPM for about1-2 minutes. It sets an engine code of 43 and when you turn the engine off the light does not return until you repeat the above.
So far I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, EGR Valve and one 02 sensor(the sensor I replaced some time ago but did not help), you have to turn the ignition on wait several minutes before it will start.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  lorunner replied 9 years ago.

Ok code 43 is fuels supply or O2 code.

Which O2 sensor have you replaced?

Does the car have any oil leaks?

Does the car drive abnormal? hesitate, buck, etc.

I have seen where the engine is leaking oil. That oil makes its way into the connector for the front O2 sensor. Since the O2 is located in the pipe at teh rear of the motor, slightly under the oil filter. When the oil gets into the connector it causes the readings to become out of whack and the PCM sets a code for it.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
It only has one O2 sensor and I did pull the connector and clean it.
No the car does not drive abnormal? hesitate, buck, etc.
When I changed the O2 sensor several months ago it was a Bosch plug in.
Expert:  lorunner replied 9 years ago.

So there was oil inside the connector?

Was the problem gone when you put the O2 in a few months back?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Yes there was oil.
No after cleaning it did not solve the problem.

By the way the check engine light will come on any time the engine is above 1400 to 1500 RPM when the throttle is at a steady state for 1 to minutes and will not come on at idle.
Expert:  lorunner replied 9 years ago.

So once you replace the O2 and cleaned it it didnt even last through its first drive?

This is reminds me exactly the problem i had. I replaced the O2 sensor 3 times but the car was ok for a few weeks. Finally i had to replace teh engine harness. Once the oil gets inside you can never get it out.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Is there anything else that can cause the same problem, before I change the 2 and harness.
Expert:  lorunner replied 9 years ago.

you can always try to make a piece of harness and bypass the section that goes down under the intake to the sensor. Essentially taking the oil soaked part of the harness out of the picture. If the problem is gone than you know for sure its the harness.

The connector by the O2 is connector c105. There is another spot by the right strut tower where connector C210 is. that connector houses the same wires as C105. You can try to back the pins out of c210 and run new wires down to the O2 ans see what happens.


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