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Craig, Auto Service Technician
Category: Honda
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Our 2001 Honda Odyssey has a problem with the sliding door.

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Our 2001 Honda Odyssey has a problem with the sliding door. Today, it decided to stop working. And, when manually opened, the car does not consider it "shut" and will beep (until you turn the switch off) and the "sliding door" light is on the console. We recently had some problems with it opening "roughly" and cleared the track and put some lubricant on the track, and that seemed to help for awhile. My question is, how much would it be to repair the door? Will the door have to be replaced entirely if it is just the motor of the one door that is not working?
Welcome to the site.

The biggest problem with the sliding doors on these vans was the junctions switches between the door and the door jamb. These are the retangular boxes on both the door and the door jamb that come together. They are black in color. If you look closely at these little metal switches on the door that doesn't work, I bet you will find that a few of them might be black from arcing. I would strongly recommend cleaning these contacts. You can use nail polish remover or a pencil eraser. I also use a very fine piece of sandpaper and clean the contacts both on the door and the door jamb. Clean both doors and then you can reset the door by pulling the fuse #13 (7.5amp) fuse in the pass side fuse box and leaving it out for a few minutes. Its the one that is labeled backup/clock and that will reset the doors.

These vehicles are also bad about the center rollers on the hinged roller in the middle of the door breaking off which causes the door to move hard. It will sometimes drag the door on the side of the van and damage the outside of the van. You will need to have the center roller assembly replaced. Not a job that I would recommend without previous experience. It takes several hours do to correctly, even if you know what you are doing. I would recommend taking it to the dealership even though you will pay a little more. That job can be very costly if its done incorrectly.

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