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acura mstr
acura mstr, Honda Master Tech
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I have researched the possibility of flat towing a ...

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I have researched the possibility of flat towing a Honda Accord with manual transmission and have not heard one convincing argument other than ''Honda says so''.

At the ripe old age off 55 I''ve learned NOT to believe anything without some supporting evidence.

I thought I would find: "Honda drive trains and/or rear wheel bearings in a manual shift configuration require lubrication that is only available when the engine is running" (or something to that effect).

Period. End of story. Perfectly logical.

So I''m digging for a few more facts here on this forum in the hopes of making a 2008 Honda Accord Coupe 6 Spd manual my new tow vehicle behind my motorhome.

Fact: Honda does not approve flat towing this 6 spd manual (again, exactly why?)

Fact: The 2005 and older ones were approved (even automatics)

Fact: I have not found one internet site with a 2008 Accord manual trans. failure from towing.
Hi, welcome to Just Answer. I'm acuramstr. I know honda says not to flat tow late model cars and i too have never been told why .So i did some digging for you here's what i found the 6 speed trans has a oil pump inside and the gear shafts are pressure fed oil, So i think hondas fear is thar 6th gear is hauling butt at freeway speeds without the pump feeding oil to its shaft and is doomed to seisure .also this trans has speed sensors on the shafts so when you tow with the key on the pcm is sensing the shaft speeds without engine speed and setting a code in the pcm .this is easily prevented by disconnecting the battery .but i dont know how you would feed the shafts oil unless the engine was running as the oil pump runs off the input shaft. I hope this helps graphic
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Please clarify-

This applies to the MANUAL transmission that am considering?

Also, I didn't clarify that I am looking at the 5 spd manual, but will consider the 6 spd manual available on the 6 cyl version.

the auto trans is out of the question. as there is no way to neutralize the gears inside as in earlier models , its my understanding all the manual tranmissions use oil pumps inside. Im sorry, but I don't see a way to do this without trans damage. unless someone comes out with something to externally lube these gear boxes
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Sorry, I went to sleep last night before your reply...

Thanks for the explanation - I finally understand the issue.
ok,if you need anything else let me know .