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Steve Cooke
Steve Cooke, Honda Technician
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How do you replace the interior ceiling light on a 2007 Honda Fit?

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How do you replace the interior ceiling light on a 2007 Honda Fit? I tried playing around with it, but I can''t figure out how to get the cover off, (much less back on properly:)


I can help you with this. It's a fairly simple process and I'll break it down for you. You'll need a small flat screwdriver and a Phillip's screwdriver.

If you're just replacing the bulb, look around the edge of the lens and you should see 2 very small slots (on the opposite side from the switch) where you can insert the flat tip screwdriver and gently pry the cover off. You may have to pry in both holes to get it to come loose. The bulb then just pops out from between the spring contacts and the new one pops right in.

If you're removing the entire assembly, with the lens removed you'll see 2 Phillip's head screws inside that attach it to the roof panel. The assembly just pops into the headliner and may require a little prying to get it to come down, then disconnect the connector and it's out!

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thanks, Steve. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure your answer will do the trick. The car was recently in an accident and when I got it back from the repair shop, the light was out. When I mentioned it to the manager, he was extremely condescending, asking me if I knew what a light bulb was, and then telling me he didn't handle that kind of thing. When I tried to take it to the dealer, it was an incredibly long wait for something I knew had to be fairly straightforward to fix. So. . .thanks for equipping me not be at the whim of these "professionals".
You are certainly welcome, I'm glad I could assist you. I'm sorry to hear what you had to got through, though. It's really too bad that there are, as you say, "professionals" out there who forget about customer service. As a technician, it's kind of nice to be on this website and be right on the front line with the customers instead of in the shadows. If you have any more questions, ask away, we'll be here.