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I retrieved my 2002 Honda Accord radio unlock code ...

Resolved Question:

I retrieved my 2002 Honda Accord radio unlock code after I disconnected the battery. It shows an unlock code of 1120 but how do I use that code to unlock the radio?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  JoeHonda replied 9 years ago.
Radio unlock codes are 5 digits, navi codes are 4 digits. Do you have navi? How did you get that code?

Here is some more information on radio codes.

The radio code is usually given to you by the dealer when you by the car. It would be on a small plastic card about the size of a credit card. If you do not have this you will need to get the serial number for your radio and send it to me and I will get the code for your radio. There is a chance the the code and or the serial number may be on a sticker stuck in or on the side of your glovebox. Some dealers put it there for customer reference in the future. If you find a sticker on the glove box wit a 5 digit number that is the code if it is a longer number or contains letters that is the serial number. If you dont have a sticker in the glove box you will need to remove the radio and get the serial number of the sticker in the bottom of the radio. Some of the newer models you can get the serial number by turning the radio off the holding the #1 & #6 buttons down then turning the radio on. It will display L1111 then U1111 , the 1111 is replaced by your serial number. Either way when you get the serial number send it to me and I will get you the code for it.

I hope this information is helpful to you.



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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to JoeHonda's Post: Thank you so much. I held down the 1 and 6 and the power button and got (thanks to you) the serial number which I thought was the unlock code ("U" for unlock).

However, thanks to you, I found a sticker in the glove box with the 5 digit code and entered it. The radio now works.

Closed case.
Expert:  JoeHonda replied 9 years ago.
I am very glad to see that my answer helped you solve your problem. Please click accept so that I am compensated for my help.