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RIP, Lead Technician
Category: Honda
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Experience:  Master ASE technician, Honda/Acura aftermarket training, Hybrid training, Adv. level L1
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how to adjust 1989 honda accord clutch

Customer Question

need to adjust or tell if clutch is bad or needs adjusting
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  RIP replied 10 years ago.

Hi, i'm posting the factory procedures below...if your clutch is hydrolic, than it cannot be adjusted. If it is cable driven follow the procedures, but if the clutch is begining to slip than it will need replacement - not adjustment.


  1. Turn cable adjusting nut located on cable casing near transaxle, Fig. 1. until freeplay at release arm is 13/64-1/4 inch on Accord and 5/32-13/64 inch on all other models.
  2. After adjusting release arm freeplay, check clutch pedal height at the clutch release point and clutch pedal freeplay. It may be necessary to pull back carpet to obtain accurate pedal release height measurement.
  3. Minimum pedal height above floor at clutch release point should be as follows:

1989-91 Civic & CRX2.76 inches
1992 Civic 3.27 inches
1989-91 Prelude3.6 inches
1992 Prelude3.7 inches
1989 Accord1.9 inches
1989-91 Civic Wagon2.76 inches
1990-92 Accord3.54 inches

  1. Clutch pedal free travel should be as follows:

1989-91 Civic.6-.8 inches
1992 Civic.04-.37 inches
Civic Wagon.6-.8 inches
CRX.6-.8 inches
Prelude.04-.28 inches
1989 Accord.6-1 inches
1990-92 Accord.04-.28 inches

  1. If specified clearances cannot be obtained, inspect clutch and release mechanism and repair as needed.