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2004 Honda: keeps dying..mechanic check..the battery dies and we

Resolved Question:

2004 Honda Odyssey battery keeps dying. We had our mechanic check to see if it holds a charge and they said "yes, looks fine". But we still run into instances where the battery dies and we don't think it should. Understandably, some of the obvious reason to kill it are when the kids play with the dome lights, so we turn off the interior lights when parked in the garage. Other battery drains, emergency lights but would 5 - 10 minutes with emergency lights drain a battery to the point where we can't start the car? Are there any recalls or adjustments needed on this model? Or are we (my wife) just expecting to much from a 12 volt battery on a car with all these excessories, ie; electric sliding doors, interior lights, after market Honda approved electric sun roof?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  HondaPlatinum replied 10 years ago.
Ok I bet that the aftermarket sunroof is the culprit seen it before have them check that sunroof asap for an electrical draw in the switch,seen it before
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