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1992 honda accord ex: check engine light came

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My speedometer on my 1992 honda accord ex stopped working and my "sport" light on the dash is flashing. Also, my check engine light came on. What is wrong with my car help please.

Hello. What you describe is indicative of a faulty Vehicle Speed Sensor. To verify this yo can have the codes retrieved by most any parts store.I know AutoZone will do this for FREE.Post back with the codes and I'll help you isolate it. If you would like to troubleshoot yourself to pull cdes I am postng instructions and Pictures for you. Please click my ACCEPT button if this will be helpul.Bonuses are Greatly appreciated.


Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)

The signal from the vehicle speed sensor is used by the ECU as well as the cruise control and automatic transaxle control units.

Accords and Preludes use an external sensor mounted on top of the power steering speed sensor in the engine compartment. The power steering speed sensor is gear-driven and controls the steering boost in relation to the speed of the vehicle. An electric pulser unit is mounted on top of this unit and is coupled to it by a small shaft. The motion from the lower unit is transferred to the upper unit; the resultant electrical signal is sent to the appropriate control units




See Figures 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12

On 1990-95 Accord (except V-6) and 1992-95 Prelude, the codes are read from the check engine light after the two-wire service connector has been jumpered. On Accords, the service connector is under the dash on the passenger side. On Preludes, it is located behind the center console. Codes 1 through 9 are indicated by a series of short flashes; two-digit codes use a long flash for the first digit followed by the appropriate number of short flashes. For example, Code 14 would be indicated by 1 long flash followed by 4 short flashes. Codes are separated by a pause between displays. Multiple codes are transmitted in an alternating pattern. For example, a code 3 and 14 would be displayed as 3 short flashes (for Code 3) followed by the separator pause, then 1 long flash and 4 short flashes (for Code 14).



  1. Use a jumper wire to connect the two terminals of the service connector together.

  2. Turn the ignition switch ON; the check engine light will display any stored codes by rhythmic flashing.

In the event that a code is encountered which is not on the chart, re-count the number of flashes. If the code is truly wrong, it will be necessary to swap the ECU for a known-good unit and recheck. Since this can be expensive, you may wish to bring the car to a reputable repair facility if no other cause of the failure can be found. This may save you the expense of purchasing an unnecessary part.


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