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Tech444, Ase certified Honda certified tech
Category: Honda
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Experience:  17 year Honda Master Tech troubleshooting specialist all includes electrical
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2003 Honda Odyssey shift lever does not go in D3 and

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2003 Honda Odyssey shift lever does not go in D3 and probably the other two gears "1" and "2" that follow it. The shift order is the followoing,

P R N D D3 1 2

I can pull into the first four and can't pull from "D" to "D3". What can be the problem? Is this an indication of transmssion failure that seems happening to a lot of Odysseys.

I checked for recalls on this issue and did find one that is transmission related, pretty serious also. You should take it in for the recall problem and then ask them about this problem,,,they may be related. Click on the link provided below to get more info.


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Thanks for asking!


No this is just a safety feature you have to go slow and from neutral to D3 then neutral to D2 etc This allows for the gear shift not to slip in the lower gears well go ahead and try and see your tranny is fine please accept if i was correct
Tech444, Ase certified Honda certified tech
Category: Honda
Satisfied Customers: 963
Experience: 17 year Honda Master Tech troubleshooting specialist all includes electrical
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Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Virtual Wrench's Post: I am aware of the recall. The car was brought in and an oil jet was mounted on top of the transmission for the 2nd gear problem (I assume). I should also mention that I never tried to use these gears before so I don't know when it worked last. I found out this problem after I performed an ATF change myself by just drain and refill a couple of times with Honda ATF-Z1 fluids (about 3.3 quarts for each process) . After that, I tried to cycle through all gears to see how they feel and found out the problem. Could the fluid change cause this problem? Someone told me I was supposed to start the engine and add one pint of fluid at a time while shifting through all gears. I found this impossible to do because when the engine is running the fluid will spash out of the fill hole.
No fluid change did not cause any damage as i wrote above its a sefety issue have to pull in foot on brake and very slowly shift down to lower gears
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
OK. I'll try it when I get back from work. I am curious, though, when you pull it out of neutral it has to pass "D" and will it be engaged there right away?
As long as your foot is on the brake while downshifting its fine let me know what happens

Please see the above post from Tech444.

Thanks for the info Tech444

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
No, it doesn't work. I tried to pull from "N" to "D3" slowly and it never can get out of "D".

dont pull lever in just go down slowly

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
This is the first time I tried use these special gears. Maybe I am not doing it right. Do you shift while the car is running or stopped?
Running with foot on brake
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
You are absolutely right. I consulted the manual and realized I don't need to pull the lever towards me (which is the only way I knew how to shift an automatic) when moving in an out of these gears. I tried pulling and pushing straight this morning and everything works just fine. Like I said this is my first automatic transmission car that comes with these special gears. I should've read the manual on this.

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