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Kyle N.
Kyle N., Honda Master Tech
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When does the timing belt of a 2001 Honda Civic Ex ...

Resolved Question:

When does the timing belt of a 2001 Honda Civic Ex with 80K miles should be replaced? how much should it cost? and what other parts should be replaced?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  Rob826 replied 10 years ago.

hey escobar.

I'm Rob. I will answer your question today.

The timing belt is replaced in 60K mile intervals, along with the timing belt here is a list of other items that need replacing when you do the timing belt job.

1.Timing Belt

2.Water pump

3.Crank shaft front oil seal

4.Camshaft front oil seal

5.Timing belt tensioner(s)

6.Balance shaft belt if equiped.

7.Valve cover gasket and spark plug tube seals



these are the main items that get replaced, if you want to replace other items such as drive belts and spark plugs then these are easyly accesible once you are doing that job

I recomend getting a complete tune up when you do the timing belt job, the reason I say this is because it is cheaper to get a tune up if you do everything at once then if you do things seperate.

I own a auto repair shop and I charge the following.

$150.00 for timing belt job on a Honda Civic plus parts. Parts normally come out to $300.00 when customers get everything done at once.

If you skip the tune up then it normally comes out to about $200.00 in parts.

I hope this info helps you. Please remember that i am charging $75.00 an hour for labor and that I charge flat rates on certain jobs like the timing belt onb a Honda civic.

A regular shop or dealer will charge you by the hour and may charge you 4.5 hours woorth of labor for a timing belt job.

Thank you for your question. Your next step now is to hit the accept button.


Expert:  Kyle N. replied 10 years ago.

That's incorrect,

According to the factory service manual the maintance interval for timing belt replacement is 110,000 miles. Starting in 2001 the all the Civic's maintance items were engineered to last longer to bring down maintance costs for the life of the vehicle. Sometimes independent shops continue to use old maintance intervals either because the don't know or they want to take advantage of the customer. Of the list given above you only need to change the t-belt and waterpump and coolant according to Honda.

3.Crank shaft front oil seal (no factory interval, shouldn't need to replace this at all until it leaks)

4.Camshaft front oil seal (no factory interval, shouldn't need to replace this at all until it leaks)

5.Timing belt tensioner(s) ( only has one and doesn't need replacement unless it's bad)

6.Balance shaft belt if equiped.( Civic's don't have this)

7.Valve cover gasket and spark plug tube seals (valve cover gasket yes but spark plug tube seals no. 01 Civic's have updated tube seals that don't require replacement if the valve cover is removed)

8.Coolant (if you replace the water pump this gets changes automatically and you shouldn't get charged extra labor for this)

9.Thermostat ( you don't need to change this unless it's faulty)

The cost depends on the market where you live, my dealer charges a flat rate for a t-belt special (most Honda dealers do this) for 399.95 for all Civics. This includes t-belt replacement, water pump replacement, all drive belt replacement, valve adjustment and a new valve cover gasket. Even in my town the price varies by 100-200 dollars so it's best to shop around. Just remember though that some shops are quoting just the t-belt not the water pump or valve adjustment with the t-belt. You need to ask what your going to get with a t-belt job at independent shops. That extra stuff is not needed and is downright theft if it's recommended. I work on nothing but Hondas and I've never seen a thermostat go bad at 60k or a spark tube seal, front cam seal, crank seal, or tensioner. The previous post is ridiculous.

Kyle N., Honda Master Tech
Category: Honda
Satisfied Customers: 5229
Experience: Honda Dealer Tech, ASE Master Auto Tech
Kyle N. and 4 other Honda Specialists are ready to help you
Expert:  Rob826 replied 10 years ago.

Hi Escobar.

You will read 2 different answers here.

The other expert is right about the service intervals that the timing belt is required to be replaced at 100k but if you are a professional mechanic and you deal with allot of Hondas like I do then you will be cautious and you will recomend replacing it at 60k.

The waterpumps on Hondas are designed to last about 50 to 60k miles and I know this for a fact becauese I get a ton of Hondas overheating at about 60k miles. Once the vehicle overheats you will have problems and you will posibly cause a headgasket to go bad if not taken care of promptly.

the timing belt can last longer but the waterpump will always give before the timing belt. You can choose to replace the timing belt at 100k miles but if the water pump goes bad before that then you will have major problems and you will be replacing allot more then timing related components.

It is cheaper to replace these items at 60k and you can be sure that you have all new parts and you can rest assure that you are taken care off. If you wait till 100k Miles you can not be sure that the water pump will last you that long.

The car manufacturers are smart, they do not care about one part being better then the other. They design parts to brake, They know approximately when they will break, They know that you will have to buy new parts when they break and they will make money.

Take my advice, a professional Auto mechanic with 15 years experience with Honda, Replace your waterpump and timing belt at 60k intervals. You will save your self headaches if you do, if you don't then you can not be sure if your waterpump will hold up that long and if it goes bad and causes your engine to overheat you may be looking at buying a new enging if damaged.

Thank you. please accept my answer.

Expert:  Rob826 replied 10 years ago.

hey escobar.

This is all good information from the 3 of us. You can replace everything at 100k miles if you choose to. You can choose to follow your dealers advice and the owners manual advice also. You will be ok as long as nothing goes wrong.

I am simply giving you advice based on my experience with Honda.

Honda is a very good car when you do its proper maintenace and you drive your car good and do not dog it. I simply tell you from experience and just like any other car, parts will brake and they will ned to be replaced.

I would suggest to follow your manufacturers handbook and to use the information i gave you only as guide if you choose to.

Your original question was when should you replcae the timing belt and related components.

You asked what components you will need to replace and approximately how much will it cost.

I gave you the answer that you needed, if you choose to replace the timing belt at 100k miles because the owners manual tells you too then you should do what the book says.

I hope that all of this info helps you out with your question.

Thank you very much Escobar for your question, we look forward to assisting you in the future.