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Kyle N.
Kyle N., Honda Master Tech
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1998 honda civic hx: service manager..every 3000 miles..harsh

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I have a 1998 honda civic hx, with a CVT. The transmission was replaced once after about 10000 miles. The service manager said it was my fault for not have the transmission serviced every 3000 miles due to the harsh driving conditions in Las Vegas, NV. Periodic problems every since. Now at 118,000 the vehicle won't go into reverse and they tell me the input shaft speed sensor is bad. They say they can replace the sensor, but the transmission needs replaced since it won't go in reverse. Any suggestions other than get rid of it?
let me look into this and get back to you tommorrow once I read the manual..
Wait for Kyle to follow up with you but it definately sounds like your getting the runaround from the shop.

Okay after consulting the manual and reading up on what they have told you it would seem to me that they are not giving you the best advice. First there is no such recommendation for a transmission service on a CVT for 3000 miles. There is a severe and a normal schedule but nothing saying 3000 miles.

Did you have the actual codes? The transmission runs on a metal belt and cones. It doesn't have a input shaft and a input shaft speed sensor. Maybe he means something else or maybe he's not knowledgeable with this type of transmission.

Let me know.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Kyle Northrop's Post: Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX is P1885.
The work invoice specifically states Cause: Found Code P1885, Input Shaft Speed Sensor, Due to loss of reverse gear, will need remanufactured transmission.
The vehicle VIN is 1HGEJ7225WL097201, the vehicle will not go into reverse.

Ok like I was saying before there isn't really a input shaft. That code is for the drive pulley sensor so maybe they are calling it a input shaft but it's not the same thing.

Here's the flowchart from the manual. You can change it without replacing the whole transmission, if fact I've never replaced a CVT but have rebuilt a few. The start clutch is usually what fails and you have to rebuild the trans and replace it.

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Kyle Northrop's Post: Appreciate the answers. Very insight full. Don't know if this is significant or not, but a while back I heard a loud "twang" like a metal cable or something broke. Initially I thought it was the emergency brake cable that broke, however that wasn't the case. Could/Is it possible that a cable or pulley gave way in the transmission? Also is the sensor your talking about a reason for the car not to go in reverse? Lastly prior to this whenever the car went over 3000 RPM's it seemed like it wasn't going into for the lack of a better word "gear".
Again I appreciate your insight and assistance.

If the metal chain/pulley belt broke I could see that for one not making the transmission go in any direction and of course the transmission drive pulley wouldn't move and it may cause a code to store. The engine side pulley may be spinning and the drive not spinning which would definitly cause the computer to note fault. I wish I had it in my stall as I'd love to disassemble it and see if that's the case (belt broke). You can still have it fixed if that's the case but take it to a Honda dealer not a aftermarket shop. You really need a qualified trained Honda technician check it out. With a scan tool in data list mode I could tell you if it's broken by watching the speed of both drive pulleys.

Kyle N., Honda Master Tech
Category: Honda
Satisfied Customers: 5229
Experience: Honda Dealer Tech, ASE Master Auto Tech
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