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RIP, Lead Technician
Category: Honda
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Experience:  Master ASE technician, Honda/Acura aftermarket training, Hybrid training, Adv. level L1
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1995 Honda Accord: wont shift..I can use 2nd gear..intermittant

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my 1995 Honda Accord won't shift into drive upon starting. I can use 2nd gear then shift into d2 but this has us baffled. We did have intermittant electrical problems previously that were repaired- car just dying then working etc.
Do I need a new transmission?? Any help is appreciated.lisa
Unfortunately sounds like your transmission is damaged internally and do need a new transmission is the check engine light on either way sounds like you need a tranny
Well glad to help
Bonuses greatly appreciated!:)
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Tech444's Post: I got more information just looking at postings online. A new transmission is the easy answer--
I won't say what I found online specific to 1995 accords and similar problems but I wont pay for this answer.
Then dont the answer i gave is correct and ive been doing this a long time,if you wanted i could of wasted your time doing endless tests and wasted more money than 8.00 dollars but oh well you see for yourself when you have to replace it plus your question is not specific is it not shifting or will it not come out of park big difference


I'd like to help out on your concern. How many miles areon this vehicle? And, does it only not shift into drive in the mornings, or anytime you first start the engine? Thanks,


Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Tech444's Post: the car is Stuck in park, must use key in console to release out of park. I begin driving in d1 then shift to d2 then d3-d4 and car runs smoothly. Can not begin driving in d3 or d4.
It works when I use like manual transmission.
At times the speedomoter goes dead or doesn't read accurately as well as the other instrument panel readings- they go haywire. thank you
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to RIP's Post: 150,000 miles. It is not only in mornings.

PS--the original radio was recently removed.

Did the shifting concern and the 'stuck in park' begin together?

Also, does the D4 lamp blink on the dash?

When the guages go "haywire" what exactly do they do, and how often does this occur.Thanks,



Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to RIP's Post: yes , shifting problem and stuck in park began together. dash gauges don't always work,   don't think the d4 lamp blinks. also the gauges going haywire happened before the shifting problems.

the gauges dont register ie- fuel the speedomoter goes way high then low then nothing. the heater gauge works then doesn't.
this happens almost every time we drive it.

One last question, did the transmission problem begin immediatly after the radio exchange?


Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to RIP's Post: No ,not immediately after the radio was taken out and a more powerful radio was put in.

it had to be about 2- 3 months later. thank you

With the information you have provided, I believe the radio installation has no affect on the current concern. Also, the instrumentation problem sounds like a seperate issue, and I believe that it may lie in the CLuster itself, but needs voltage testing to verify. The transmision concern however, sounds like a problem in possibly the TP (throtle position sensor). There are other electrical possibilities, but I beleive you should have it disgnosed for this one first. There is a Honda TSB (Technical Service Bullitin) on the TP sensor failure causing a 'stuck in park' condition. It does not mention the shifting concern, and personnally I havn't had one fail a TP and cause both the stuck in park and the shifting problem; but it is possible - the TP sensor is a crucial input signal for the transmission to use. I've posted the TSB below, for your viewing. What bother's me is the milage of the engine/transmission. Concerns with the TP sensor were caught before this milage. I would have the fluid inspected if you already haven't. Then the transmission will need computer diagnostics, for a code retrieval. There may be a diagnostic code set in memory of the computer, which may entail a electrical fault. Possibly in the Transmission Control Module itself. But i'd like you to have some fuses checked before assumming this is the concern. Especially with the electrical problems you've had. If one of these fuses are blown, it can affect the operation of the trans controller. In the underhood fuse box, have fuses 30 (20 amp) and 39 (7.5) amps checked. Also have fuse #4 (7.5 amps) and #1 (10 amp) in the underdash fuse box checked. If the fuses are good, make sure the cables on the battery are tight, often they are left slightly loose after electrical wirk and eventually cause a voltage drop to the engine and transmission computers, causing various electrical malfunctions. Let me know your outcome, thanks



RIP, Lead Technician
Category: Honda
Satisfied Customers: 5591
Experience: Master ASE technician, Honda/Acura aftermarket training, Hybrid training, Adv. level L1
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