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1986 honda accord lx: bypass..fuel cut..the fuse box..Fuel pump

Customer Question

1986 honda accord lx-can you describe how to bypass the fuel cut-off relay located behind the fuse box for testing. Fuel pump has already been tested.
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  Rob826 replied 11 years ago.

Locate the fuel pump main relay. this will be the big brown relay box under the dash on the left hand side of driver dash.

Disconnect the relay and locate the pins on the relay, if they have numbers then that will be a good guide for you.

Jump a wire from terminal number 1 blue and yellow wire to trminal number 7 yellow wire. With the key on the on pisition this should by pass and start the fuel pump.

This relay always goes out and needs to get replaced, you can get another one at your local parts store for around $35.00 or so.

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Thank you.