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Car wont start..valve cover..fuses..I also put gas directly in carb

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alternator belt broke, when I replace belt car wont start and has no spark. I took valve cover off to see if valves are moving and they are, what could be wrong? I also checked all fuses but there is also no gas coming to carburater, I also put gas directly in carb. no spark. Engine turns with no spark and sounds kind of dry
What year and model?
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Tech444's Post: the car is 1988 honda accord belt broke while driving
Its an 88 accord and carburated not fuel injected?Did the belt possibly hit anything when came off did you check by the alternator and surrounding wires, was car fine before that,did the alternator seize causing the belt to break or did it just break off from wear?Does the pulley spin.Check all fuses under dash and under hood check wires by alernator and surronding area,if pulley frozen alternator bad and needs to be replaced,does the battery have a full charge possibly battery drained CHECK THOSE FUSES ALL AND WIRES FOR ALTERNATOR AND SURRONDING WIRES.If all this happend after belt broke I would definately look for a fuse or broken wire,or shorted wire.If car was fine before belt broke check what I told you.Well hope I was able to help.Bonuses greatly appreciated!!!:)
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Tech444's Post: why do you think theres no spark could engine be blown from running without and alternator belt? the alternator was brand new. all pullies spin freely
Definately not blown,said cam shaft is spinning correct, and crankshaft is turning.I would definately check fuses if it ran fine before the belt broke then its something that happend when alternator belt broke poss hitting other components or shorting out other components.After fuses and wires are checked and if there good the other place to look is at the distributor those cars were known for ignitors going bad ,which are external next to the distributor possibly that went, but then you had 2 seperate problems then one wouldnt affect the other .Also remove distributor cap check cap rotor and distributor for excess rust.Well hope this info helped you out!
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Tech444's Post: when there no spark does that cause the engine sound dry and sound like its spinning slow
No this sounds like what heppend the alternator belt snapped causing your car to just run off the battery in turn draining and damaging your battery now your battery does not have enough charge to turn motor causing not enough power to produce a good spark,reinstall alternator try jumping car from another car to start should start then I would replace the battery which drained while driving without alternator belt.Well this should help.Bonuses greatly appreciated!:)
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