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I need a script to parse a .csv file using MS Visual Studio

Customer Question

Hi!I need a script to parse a .csv file using MS Visual Studio to prepare it to be transformed and loaded into a data warehouse.
I already have some data in MS Access tables.Will give you more details if interested.Thanks.
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  George Sibiya replied 1 month ago.


Welcome to JustAnswer and thank you for utilising our services

In what programming language should the script be written?



Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Hi, George!
It needs to be in SQL for MS SQL Server Management Studio. I was able to convert the files to .csv format and imported them successfully in MS SQL Server. Had trouble importing them before but got it all fixed in the interim.
Please advise.
Expert:  George Sibiya replied 1 month ago.

Ok thanks for the info. I am reviewing it

Expert:  George Sibiya replied 1 month ago.

Ok so there is a manual process to export access db to to sql server but I understand you want to automate that. I am working on it and will communicate after about 6 six hour as I am about to fly

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
OK. That works. Here is what I need in the script.
Three new tables need to be created – tblTeenFiction, tblLibraryID and tblNewspapers. Then the tblCustomers needed to be joined to the table tblLibraryID so more data can be added.
The tblTeenFiction shold have the same fields as tblBooks, but the column Format should reflect Teen Fiction.
The tblLibraryID should have the fields CustomerID, FirstName and LastName fields plus LibraryID.
The tblNewspapers should have the same fields as tblBooks, but the format column should say Newspaper.
Finally, the LibraryID field needs to be inserted in the tblCustomers.Hope this helps. I was able to create the .csv files and import them successfully to SQL server (yes, I do work on my homework). Had trouble before but fixed it.6 hours if fine. Charge? I assume it's upon receipt. I know enough to know if the script is right.Feedback, please.
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Don't have time for phone calls, but thanks for the offer.