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To be diagnosed with childhood-onset conduct disorder, which

Customer Question

To be diagnosed with childhood-onset conduct disorder, which of the following must be true?
A. At least three symptoms must be present prior to 10 years of age.
B. At least one symptom must be present prior to 10 years of age.
C. At least three symptoms must be present prior to 8 years of age.
D. No symptoms must be present after 10 years of age.8. Reading is localized in three areas of the brain, which include all of the following, except
A. the left frontal gyrus.
B. the left parietal/temporal lobes.
C. the left temporal/occipital lobes.
D. the basal ganglia.9. Regarding learning disorders, the DSM recognizes all of the following associated features, except
A. learning disabilities may result from sensory deficits.
B. learning disabilities impact daily living.
C. poor skills may cause feelings of demoralization and low self-esteem.
D. cognitive processing problems, such as attention and memory,
11. The executive function system is primarily responsible for
A. arousal.
B. registering pain and rejection.
C. goal directed behaviors.
D. motivation.may also be evident.
12. Coercion theory relates to
A. how children with deviant behaviors train other children to engage in similar behaviors.
B. how adolescents with conduct disorder can dominate and victimize younger children.
C. escalating negative patterns of behaviors between children and their parents.
D. how children can bully other children
13. Which of the following is true regarding ADHD?
A. The vast majority of those diagnosed with have the hyperactive-impulsive version.
B. ADHD can be identified as early as five months of age.
C. More females than males are identified.
D. ADHD will progress to life-threatening levels if left untreated.
16. Autumn is being touchy and argumentative with her mother. She is displaying _______ behavior.
A. covert nondestructive
B. overt nondestructive
C. covert destructive
D. covert nondestructive
17. Compared to those with dyslexia, children with nonverbal learning disabilities (NLD) demonstrate all of the following, except
A. dysfunction in the right hemisphere.
B. higher scores on verbal portions of intelligence tests.
C. less activity in the left hemisphere when solving nonverbal tasks.
D. increased weakness in mathematics
18. Path analysis suggests that there may be the potential for developmental continuity in the sequence of developing maladaptive behaviors (Loeber, et al, 1992). This path suggests that the order of maladaptive behaviors might be
D. ADHD, panic disorder, ODD, CD.
19. In the most recent IDEA (2004), Response to Intervention (RTI)
A. is very well defined and provides a success-based model.
B. provides information about the child's IQ relative to academic performance.
C. is mandated for all states.
D. is included as an option.
20. All of the following neurotransmitters are part of the catecholamines, except
A. dopamine.
B. norepinephrine.
C. acetycholine.
D. epinephrine.
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