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Training Concept subject: (1) In contrast to traditional

Customer Question

Training Concept subject:
(1) In contrast to traditional training approaches, an important step in a strategic knowledge approach to training is (A.)declarative knowledge. (B.) procedural knowledge. (C.)feedback. (D.) presentation of context.
(2) Elena is using a computer-based training program that interprets her responses and provides her with specific, customized training to address the problems and difficulties she encounters. Which type of electronic training program is she using? (A.) Behavioral monitoring (B). Interactive mentoring (C.) Programmed instruction (D) Intelligent tutoring system.
(3) Michael is learning how to program a spreadsheet through a training system he accesses through his computer. The program allows him to write programming code into the spreadsheet application and gives him immediate feedback as to its effectiveness. What type of computer-based training method is this computer program an example of? (A.) Programmed instruction (B.) Intelligent tutoring system (C.) Virtual reality (D.) Simulation
(4) Electronic training may not be the best approach when the goal of the training is (A.) assessing trainee readiness. (B.)strategic knowledge. (C.) procedural knowledge. (D.)individual interaction with the content of the training
(5) A ____is an important piece of information that a trainee must acquire to accomplish the learning objective. (A.)strategic point (B.) key point (C.) learning point (D.)training point
(6) The Barrows Company wants to teach all of its managers about the skills required to be effective team leaders. Of the following choices, the most effective training implementation method would be to use a/an (A.) pilot program. (B.) on-the-job trainer. (C.) consultant or seminar. (D.) icebreaker.
(7) Which of the following skills are typically required of lower-level managers? End of exam (A.) Decisional and conceptual (B.) Leadership and decisional (C.) Conceptual and technical (D.) Interpersonal and technical
(8) An example of a cognitive method of training is asking trainees to (A). memorize a product knowledge manual. (B.) work in groups to examine a case study that focuses on conflict resolution skills. (C). practice their selling skills on each other. (D. )rehearse their 30-second sales pitch in front of a mirror.(9)Which of the following computer-based training methods is generally the most expensive and riskiest investment for a business? (A). Programmed instruction (B.) Virtual reality (C). Intelligent tutoring system (D. )Intelligent computer-assisted instruction(10)After a 20-minute interactive lecture on basic selling skills, the trainer asks two of the participants to simulate an interaction between a salesperson and a customer. This training exercise is an example of a _____role-play. (A.) role rotation (B). multiple (C.) single (D.) structured
(11) Jeremy was very interested in reading and analyzing the process data collected through the training evaluation. Jeremy is most likely (A.) a member of upper management.( B.) a trainee's supervisor. (C.) the trainer. (D. )a trainee.(12) Doreen's greatest strength as a manager is her ability to forecast sales and set priorities up to a year in advance. This strength exemplifies her (A.)conceptual knowledge and skills. (B). interpersonal knowledge and skills. (C.) technical knowledge and skills. (D) personal traits.
Submitted: 3 months ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  F. Naz replied 3 months ago.


do you have any deadline for this quiz?

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
In 3 days if possible
Expert:  F. Naz replied 3 months ago.

okay only 12 of these are required to be answered? and are these from your graded quiz or test?

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Expert:  F. Naz replied 3 months ago.

I am sending you the offer please accept it so i can start working on it, thanks.

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
No i cannot go to 120
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
I already paid the 60.00. My question is if i accept will i have to paid another 60.00 to make the offer to 120.00
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Hi Naz am awaiting a reply just wanted to get an answer to the question I ask about if I accept will I have to pay another 60.00 plus the 60.00 I already paid to make the amount to 120.00
Expert:  F. Naz replied 3 months ago.

yes you are right, you only have to pay additional $60

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Sorry Naz i cannot pay an additional $60.00 i find its too much.
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Hi Naz Please i cannot accept the offer and i will like my $60.00 to be refund back to me. I do not want your assistance any more or the assistance of justanswer.
Many thanks.
Expert:  F. Naz replied 2 months ago.

For that please contact customer service, thanks.