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I need Penn Exam answer for Electric Heating Appliances And

Customer Question

I need Penn Foster Exam answer for Electric Heating Appliances And Fans, Cooking Appliances, Motor-driven Small Appliances and Electric Power Tools
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Homework
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Can someone plz help me.
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
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Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Electric and Heating appilances and fans. Questions-
Why does a thermostat blade bend when heated or cooled?
  A. It is made of two different materials.
  B. There is a difference in temperature between the blade ends.
  C. Different currents are applied to each end.
  D. Mechanical pressure is caused by the high resistance.
When you are checking an electric heating appliance, the first test made should be for
  A. low resistance.
  B. an open circuit.
  C. the normal voltage supply.
  D. excessive leakage.Why does the heat of the heating element stop when the desired temperature in an electric iron is reached?
  A. The contacts on the blade touch.
  B. The thermostat blade opens electrical contacts.
  C. The switch bypasses the thermostat.
  D. The circuit through the element is closed.  A modern variable-speed fan does NOT use
  A. a tapped inductor.
  B. a multiple-winding motor.
  C. a dropping resistor.
  D. an electronic speed control.The blades of small fans are made of
  A. aluminum.
  B. steel.
  C. tin.
  D. copper.
   A fan equipped with a gearbox is capable of
  A. running at three speeds.
  B. being tilted downward.
  C. oscillating from side to side.
  D. reversing the direction of the motor.What type of selector switch can be used to control the heat output of three elements connected in parallel?
  A. DPST switch
  B. SPST switch
  C. Shorting-bar-type switch
  D. DPDT switch  The wires used in a heating element are usually made of
  A. aluminum.
  B. copper.
  C. Nichrome.
  D. steel.
In selecting the wire size for a line cord, you should remember that
  A. No. 8 is smaller than No. 10.
  B. No. 4 carries less current than No. 6.
  C. No. 14 carries more current than No. 18.
  D. No. 16 is larger than No. 12.If the current flowing through an electric heater increases from 6 to 12 amp while the voltage remains the same, the heat produced by the heater will be
  A. four times the original heat.
  B. unchanged.
  C. two times the original heat.
  D. reduced one-half.
   The recommended way to hold a loose hub on a fan is by
  A. welding.
  B. riveting.
  C. cementing.
  D. soldering.
Quiet operation of a fan depends mostly upon the
  A. balance of the blades.
  B. material of the blades.
  C. motor balance.
  D. weight of the blades.If the fan blades rattle while the fan is turning, you can stop the noise by
  A. tightening the motor end bells and motor mounts.
  B. cleaning the blade surfaces.
  C. adjusting the blade angles and the blade tip position.
  D. oiling the blades.
The color used for the hot side of house wiring is
  A. black.
  B. white.
  C. gray.
  D. green.  An attic fan, or power ventilator, may have its power inadvertently tapped from
  A. an upstairs bathroom.
  B. an attic lighting circuit.
  C. an air conditioning circuit.
  D. a basement service.To heat a room quickly, some electric room heaters are provided with
  A. a motor-driven fan.
  B. a push-button switch.
  C. an automatic thermostat.
  D. a heavy metal case.
Why should you NOT repair heating elements by soldering?
  A. Solder does not conduct electric current.
  B. Soldered joints have too high a resistance.
  C. Solder joints are mechanically too weak.
  D. Solder melts at the operating temperature of the heater.An AWG No. 16 line cord with type HPN insulation has an ampacity of
  A. 13 amp.
  B. 15 amp.
  C. 17 amp.
  D. 12 amp.Thermostats used in electric irons differ from those in small room heaters in that they are
  A. smaller in size.
  B. mechanically more fragile.
  C. connected directly to the appliance plug.
  D. operative at higher temperatures.Which one of the following appliance parts gets the hardest service?
  A. Heating element
  B. Line cord
  C. Switch
  D. Thermostat  Jumpering out the resistors in a resistance-controlled three-speed fan will cause the motor to
  A. run at highest speed.
  B. run at lowest speed.
  C. stop immediately.
  D. run at medium speed.The heating element in an electric iron is in good working order if the resistance across the terminals of the element reads approximately
  A. 0 ohms.
  B. 1000 ohms.
  C. 120 ohms.
  D. 15 ohms.Bus bars are used in an electric iron as
  A. electrical terminals.
  B. heat-adjusting resistors.
  C. connectors between the thermostat and the element.
  D. thermostat supports.The water in a spray iron is prevented from returning to the tank by the action of a
  A. check valve.
  B. water pump.
  C. pressure spring.
  D. suction tube.
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
How can you clean out the scales in an electric iron without taking the iron apart?
  A. By brushing the clogged tubes with a stiff wire brush
  B. By blowing out the holes with compressed air
  C. By scraping the tank and tubes with a drill bit
  D. By rinsing the tank and holes with a water-diluted chemical
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Cooking Appilances  The purpose of the probe on an appliance plug with a thermostat is to
  A. connect the plug electrically to the heating elements.
  B. connect the thermostat with the timer.
  C. transfer heat from the pan to the thermostat blade.
  D. give mechanical support to the plug.Why can some electric appliances be immersed in water without damage?
  A. The heavy aluminum shell protects the thermostat.
  B. The thermostat and the timer are in a sealed compartment below the pan.
  C. The heating element is sealed and the control is in the detachable probe.
  D. They use a ribbon heating element on a mica sheet.3.   The toasting cycle of an automatic toaster is started by
  A. pushing the start button.
  B. turning on the built-in switch.
  C. pushing the bread rack down.
  D. setting the thermostat knob.4.   Which one of the following faults causes the coffee in a brewer to keep boiling after the brewing cycle is finished?
  A. A leak around the gasket
  B. A short circuit at the terminals
  C. Welded contacts on the thermostat
  D. An open circuit in the heating element5.   What may happen if the threaded heating element in a percolator is not very tightly mounted?
  A. The coffee may be too weak.
  B. A leak may develop.
  C. The heating element may be open circuited.
  D. The heating element may be short circuited.6.   The housing at the side of a rotisserie contains
  A. the motor, the gears, the timer, and the thermostat.
  B. the racks, the timer springs, and the pilot lamp.
  C. two heating elements and the switch.
  D. one heating element, the spit handle, and two skewers.7.   The two outputs of a digital controller for an automatic drip coffee maker are for the time
  A. display and pilot light.
  B. and water temperature displays.
  C. and date displays.
  D. display and relay output.8.   A digital clock on a small cooking appliance keeps time by
  A. locking on to the power line frequency.
  B. creating its own 60 Hz. squarewave.
  C. using an internal crystal oscillator at 60 Hz.
  D. monitoring the frequency of a quartz-timed oscillator9.   Wires used for electrical connections in a rotisserie should be insulated with
  A. fiberglass.
  B. mica.
  C. hard rubber.
  D. thermoplastic.
 10. Which one of the following tools should be used to remove the nut from a threaded heating element?
  A. Nut driver
  B. Socket wrench
  C. Vice grips
  D. Gas pliers11.   If a cylindrical heating element has bare connecting wires, they should be protected by sleeves made of
  A. plastic.
  B. varnished cambric.
  C. fiberglass.
  D. mica.12.   The small gear that is driven by the motor shaft of a rotisserie is called a
  A. sleeve gear.
  B. planetary gear.
  C. pinion gear.
  D. ring gear.13.   When testing a plugged-in but partly disassembled toaster, you should push the rack down with a
  A. finger.
  B. wooden stick.
  C. narrow wrench.
  D. piece of wire.14.   What is the most likely cause of a percolator's failure to pump water?
  A. The water is too hot.
  B. There is too much water in the percolator.
  C. There is coffee sediment in the well.
  D. The basket is damaged.15.   A hammer should not be applied to the gear shafts of an electric rotisserie because the shafts may be made of
  A. brass.
  B. aluminum.
  C. copper.
  D. steel.16.   The time required for epoxy-resin cement to set is about
  A. 4 hrs.
  B. 1 hr.
  C. 2 hrs.
  D. 3 hrs.
 The LIGHT/DARK control of an automatic toaster is placed at a particular setting. The toast at this setting will always be the same color because the toaster uses
  A. rack springs.
  B. guard wires.
  C. a heavy metal shell.
  D. a compensating thermostat.18.   A heating element for a cooking appliance is stretched too far during installation. What action can be performed?
  A. Chill the element in a freezer to shrink it.
  B. Dispose of the element and purchase a new one.
  C. Recoil the element over a rod.
  D. Cut the element to shorten it.19.   The percolating temperature of an automatic percolator is kept at the desired level by the
  A. low-heat element.
  B. thermostat.
  C. automatic valve.
  D. ON/OFF switch.20.   When plug prongs are connected to the metal case of an appliance, a part that should always be placed next to the case is a
  A. mica washer.
  B. steel nut.
  C. flat metal washer.
  D. hexagonal aluminum shoulder.
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Motor-driven Small Appliances1.   A vacuum cleaner can operate at two different speeds because it uses two
  A. fan blades.
  B. field-coil lengths.
  C. armatures.
  D. starting switches.2.   What is the most probable cause of weak suction in a vacuum cleaner if the hose, the bag, and the filter are NOT clogged?
  A. Worn brushes and bearings
  B. Unbalanced fan blades
  C. A shorted armature
  D. Leaking gaskets and fittings3.   A wet-carpet cleaner that carries its own water supply has water pressure created by a
  A. faucet mixing valve.
  B. motor-driven pump.
  C. solenoid valve.
  D. manual valve.4.   Modern full bag indicators use what type of sensing component?
  A. A spring-loaded vane
  B. A pressure differential switch
  C. A spring-loaded piston
  D. A compression switch5.   If the motor in a geared appliance has a rated speed of 3600 rpm and a gear ratio of 6 to 1, the driven gear will turn at a speed of
  A. 3600 rpm.
  B. 600 rpm.
  C. 1800 rpm.
  D. 21,600 rpm.
6.   The line cord of a vacuum cleaner must be of the
  A. grounded type.
  B. zip type.
  C. cotton-covered type.
  D. jacketed type.7.   Vacuum strength is rated in terms of
  A. cm or in. of water lift.
  B. torque.
  C. rheostat capacity.
  D. horsepower.8.   Which one of the following statements is TRUE concerning an upright vacuum cleaner?
  A. Upright cleaners are only available in single-speed models
  B. Upright cleaners use a gear-drive agitator system
  C. An upright cleaner uses a two-stage filter to prevent motor dirt buildup
  D. Many upright cleaners use a top-fill dust and dirt collection system9.   The purpose of a capacitor unit in a vacuum cleaner is to
  A. eliminate brush arcing.
  B. increase the motor starting torque.
  C. suppress radio-frequency interference.
  D. reduce the voltage applied to the rectifier.10.   Why is mechanical feedback of motor speed needed in some large food processors?
  A. To prevent motor runaway to an unsafe speed
  B. To prevent motor stalling in high-torque situations
  C. To reduce the overall cost of the appliance
  D. For exact low speed operation without clogging11.   Two pinions of a gear system driven by the same worm will rotate
  A. at right angles to each other.
  B. in the same direction as the worm.
  C. at a higher speed than the worm.
  D. in opposite directions.12.   What is the major disadvantage of a free-running oscillator used to trigger an SCR or TRIAC?
  A. Limited low-speed operation
  B. Limited high-speed operation
  C. Excessive motor noise
  D. Early motor failure13.   What component of a wet/dry vacuum cleaner is not present in a typical canister-style residential cleaner?
  A. A high-speed universal motor
  B. A blower port for exhaust air
  C. A float switch
  D. A single-pole, single-throw ON/OFF switch
 14.   What is the name of the SCR or TRIAC triggering system that triggers the output device at the same point on each AC cycle?
  A. Full-cycle switching
  B. Locked-pulse switching
  C. Phase-regulated switching
  D. Zero-crossing switching15.   Why does an electric knife have a nylon gear and a steel worm?
  A. To eliminate lubrication of the worm
  B. To reduce the load on the worm
  C. To make the worm easier to replace
  D. To make the worm last longer
16.   If the driven shaft and the drive are at the same angle but turn in opposite directions, the gearing system is called a
  A. gear and pinion drive.
  B. worm drive.
  C. belt drive.
  D. chain drive.17.   What would be the most likely cause of an agitator belt showing excessive wear on one side of the belt?
  A. Improper belt tracking
  B. Broken ribs in belt
  C. Bent drive shaft
18.   What is the typical breakover voltage for a DIAC used in an electronic control circuit in which 120 VAC is used with a power output semiconductor device?
  A. 6
  B. 32
  C. 12
  D. 70
19.   When a resistor and capacitor are placed in series, the circuit which results forms a(n)
  A. RC time constant.
  B. filter.
  C. transistor supply.
  D. IC regulator.20.   In what order does the air flow in a canister vacuum cleaner pass through the following components?
  A. Motor, filter, fan, and bag
  B. Bag, filter, fan, and motor
  C. Filter, motor, bag and fan
  D. Bag, motor, fan, and filter
21.   Which one of the following lubricants is recommended for use in gearboxes?
  A. Motor oil
  B. Light oil
  C. Automobile grease
  D. Cream grease22.   What type of speed control system uses a wire-wound potentiometer?
  A. Rheostat
  B. SCR
  D. Free-running oscillator
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
23.   What type of device may be used to prevent a food processor's motor from being damaged by excessive current?
  B. A centrifugal governor
  C. A potential relay
  D. A current relay24.   Dull blades of an electric knife should be sharpened with
  A. a bench grinder.
  B. an oilstone.
  C. a pattern file.
  D. a flat file.
25.   Reciprocating motion in an appliance is obtained from a rotating motor shaft with the aid of
  A. a counterweight on the gear.
  B. a worm and a gear.
  C. two gears and a pinion.
  D. an eccentric stud on the gear.
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Electric Power Tools1.   What final electrical test should always be performed on power tools, especially those power tools with a metal case, like circular saws?
  A. A line cord continuity test
  B. A motor resistance test
  C. A current test
  D. A leakage test
2.   What is the major difference between a high-speed and a high-torque drill?
  A. Output speed
  B. Line cord gage
  C. Chuck type
  D. Brush thickness
3.   The end of the motor shaft on a router is threaded to accept a
  A. driver.
  B. collet.
  C. chuck.
 4.   The device used in an air compressor to provide a one-way path for airflow is a
  A. poppet valve.
  B. vane.
  C. relief valve.
  D. shell.
5.   What device is used on a power tool's universal motor to provide a burnout-proof motor?
  A. Current relay
  B. Thermal protector
  C. Fuse
  D. Circuit breaker
6.   Which one of the following gear types is commonly used on residential-type circular saws?
  A. Worm
  B. Bevel
  C. Direct
  D. Spur or helical
7.   What type of bearing can be used at a drill's or power driver's spindle to absorb a large load inward against the chuck?
  A. Ball
  B. Sleeve
  C. Roller
8.   What type of bearings are used to support the spindle on most table saws?
  A. Pillow block
  B. Roller
  C. Thrust
  D. Sleeve
9.   What is the typical no-load speed of a high-speed drill?
  A. 1,000 rpm
  B. 3,000 rpm
  C. 3,500 rpm
  D. 2,500 rpm
10.   What is the purpose of a diode in a cordless drill or power screwdriver?
  A. To prevent reverse charging of the batteries
  B. To rectify battery voltage
  C. To regulate battery power
  D. To provide a reverse direction at the switch
11.   What is the purpose of the external jumper wire on a variable-speed reversing drill switch?
  A. To carry the ground across the switch to the motor
  B. To short the brushes together when the switch is released
  C. To short the field windings together when the switch is released
  D. To form one-half of a cross-connection system
12.   The component that clamps around the rod or shaft of a jigsaw and connects to the eccentric pin and bearing is the
  A. plunger.
  B. detent plate.
  C. sleeve.
  D. yoke.
13.   How is the light bulb powered in a router circuit?
  A. Indirectly from a switch contact
  B. From a brush holder contact
  C. From a tap on a field coil
  D. Directly from the AC line cord
14.   What type of clutch is used in a hammer drill to enable or disable the spindle drive's final reduction gearing?
  A. Steel ball
  B. Tapered jaw
  C. Friction disk
  D. Electric cam
15.   Which of the following power tools does NOT use a chuck?
  A. High-torque drill
  B. Hammer drill
  C. Power screwdriver
  D. Power driver
16.   The type of motor used on cordless ratchets and other cordless tools is the
  A. universal motor.
  B. split-phase motor.
  C. shaded-pole motor.
  D. permanent-magnet motor.
17.   What part most commonly fails in an electric drill or power driver?
  A. Switch
  B. Field coil
  C. Armature
  D. Bearing
 18.   Orbital motion in a sander is created by a
  A. flexible coupled counterweight.
  B. eccentric gear and pin.
  C. unbalanced gear drive.
  D. direct-drive counterweight.
19.   What device or method is used on some types of jigsaws to dampen the vibrations caused by the moving rod or shaft?
  A. A control block
  B. Elastic mounting of the lower bearing
  C. An eccentric counterweight
  D. An offset wobble plate
20.   If the primary gear ratio in a drill is 4:1 and a secondary gear ratio is also 4:1, what is the overall gear ratio of the drill?
  A.   4:1
  B.   8:1
  C. 16:1
  D. 12:1
 21.   Why are the sensors or encoders used on electronic measuring systems two-channel devices?
  A. To provide twice the signal voltage of a single channel sensor
  B. To prevent the loss of measurement in the event of a channel failure
  C. To identify the direction of movement
  D. To provide twice the signal strength of single-channel devices
22.   Why should you be especially careful when removing the brush caps from a circular saw or other power tool with external phenolic brush caps?
  A. To prevent bending the retaining springs
  B. To prevent breaking the fragile brush caps
  C. To prevent scratching the brushes in their holders
  D. To prevent deforming the brush holder
23.   What is the common voltage for a cordless drill battery cell?
  A. 2.0 VDC
  B. 1.2 VDC
  C. 1.5 VDC
  D. 1.0 VDC
24.   How are many circular saw motors rated instead of using a horsepower rating?
  A. Poles
  B. Watts
  C. Amperes
  D. Torque
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
25.   How is the two-speed feature of a DC cordless drill constructed?
  A. A two-speed switch selects between full battery voltage or a tap in the battery pack.
  B. A two-speed switch connects the batteries to two different field windings.
  C. A two-speed switch selects between resistors connected in series with the motor.
  D. The ON/OFF switch has two contacts that are enabled depending upon the amount the trigger is depressed.
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