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Please work out the problems independently. 1. Write a

Customer Question

Please work out the problems independently.
1. Write a program to allow user enter an array of structures, with each structure containing the
firstname, lastname and the written test score of a driver. (5 points)
 Your program should use a DYNAMIC array to make sure user has enough storage to enter
the data. (5 points)
 Once all the data being entered, you need to design a function to sort the data in
descending order based on the test score. (5 points)
 Another function should be designed to display the hightest, lowest and average test scores
in all the test takers along with their name. (5 points)
2. Design a class called XY. Design the class to have two private interger members X and Y.
 Provide a default constructor. Set both X and Y to be default value 0 (3points)
 Provide a constructor with parameter. Initialize X and Y to be parameter values. (3
 Provide a copy constructor. (4points)
 Provide set and get member functions. (5 points)
 Overload the + operator to enable adding of two XY instances. You are supposed to
add their X part together and their Y part together.(5 points)
 Overload the == operators to allow comparisons of two XY instances. (5 points)
 Enable input and output of XY instance through the overloaded >> and << operators.
(5 points)
 You need to design a class header file, an implementation file and a driver file (3
points). The driver file needs to test out each of the member functions completely.
(5 points)
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