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The objective of this assignment is to be familiar with

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The objective of this assignment is to be familiar with bash (Bourne Again Shell) programming.
This assignment requires you to write a portion of the self-service ticketing kiosk for a cinema using the Bourne-Again Shell (bash). The self-service ticketing system will allow the public to check the availability of the cinema tickets for a particular movie and choose their own seating in the theater as well as to purchase tickets themselves. A suggested interactive ticketing menu with color can be as follows:
Main Menu should be like below and you need to implement each 5 steps listed here. The description for each part is given at the end:
JACKY Theater Self-service Ticketing
1) List all Movies and Show times
2) Fast booking (where system will automatically select best seat)
3) To select theatre’s seat manually
4) Search by Screening times or by Movie title
5) QuitFor a color menu, one can use the following template for writing colored text on a colored background.
echo -e '\E[COLOR1;COLOR2mSome text goes here.'Choice 1 of the main menu will provide a list of all the movies and show times the theatre are screening. The list of movies can be populated from a flat file. Below is a sample of the file format with comma as the delimiter. You can add in extra fields if required.
[Showtimes], [Movie Title], [Vacancy]
1300 – 2Oct, UnderCovers, Yes
1600 – 2Oct, RoboCop, No
1700 – 2Oct, Predators, YesWhile generating this list of movies for display, you are to include if the movies are sold out or still available by checking on the flat in the file. You are to use stream editor (sed) command to assist in the report generation by checking the vacancy column with the substitution of “Yes” with “SOLD OUT” for the respective movies and “No” with “Ticket available”. Simultaneously you are to use sed to swap the column of the Movie Title and Showtimes as you r program read from the file. Sample output can be as follows:JACKY Theatre’s Screening Movies
Movie Title Showtimes Vacancy
UnderCovers 1300-2Oct Ticket available
RoboCop 1600-2Oct SOLD OUT
Predators 1700-2Oct Ticket availableChoice 2 is a quick way of ticket purchase where the system has some intelligence in generating the next optimum available seat for customer to make a quick purchase. You can assume that the seats which are nearer to the screen and more centralized are the better ones.Choice 3 will display the seats that are available as well as not, in a matrix or pattern as shown below. You can use a while loop to implement this.To select theatre’s seat manually
1 X
2 X X
3 X
4 X X X X
Enter the seat number(s) you want (eg: B3 or B1,C1,D1) :
C3,D3To select theatre’s seat manually
1 X
2 X X
3 X X X
4 X X X X
Total ticket(s) price for 2 tickets is $10
To confirm your seats in Marked in Blue, press Y or N:
For both fast and manual booking, the ticketing system can also compute the total price chargeable as shown above.
Choice 4 will allow customer to search by show times or by movie title. For instance, the customer might like to find out what movies are there screening at 19:00. You can use commands like egrep or grep coupled with regular expressions such as ^, $, [] etc to search through the records.
You will need to create a file system so that the system will know the seat vacancies for the different movies at different show times. Some entries validation is required to check if the seat number entered is valid or available for sales. Bonus marks will be given for any other ticketing features implemented.
In your shell program, you can use commands such as echo, grep, awk, cut, >>, read, expr, sort etc. to store, locate, display, remove and sort. If else control structure, case structure, while and for loop can be incorporated as well.Execution of your program would be as follows:
$bash or $
Submission: You need to submit your bash code as well as screenshots for each part and also a ReadMe file where you explain what methods you used in this program, how you did it and how should run it.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
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Any updates so far?
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Is someone going to solve this assignment? I dont have any time left
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
I want all the functions of this portion of kiosk. Thats why i said all 5 steps need to be implemented. I dont want the detailed analysis service. I stick to the current plan.
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
What parts you can do?
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
I accepted your offer once. Not only u didnt do it that time but also i havent recieved the refund from that question which i asked and im still waiting for it. So what should i do? Tell your financial colleagues to give back my money from last question so that i can use it for this one.