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15. In popular parlance, an individual who is obsessed with

Customer Question

15. In popular parlance, an individual who is obsessed with "winning" in the arena of political process without any concern for the common good is referred to as a
A. geek.
B. hack.
C. wonk.
D. hacker.
16. Because people with power and influence must approve policy changes, institutions are _______ difficult to change.
A. somewhat
B. inherently
C. often
D. impossibly
17. Which of the following statements is true?
A. Government institutions must exclude non-democratic provisions.
B. A public company is a good example of a public institution.
C. Institutions are expected to prevent the "tyranny of the majority."
D. Public institutions are not normally expected to be enslaved by member preferences.
18. _______ are defined as the generally accepted procedures that evolve over time but are not formally codified yet govern communal behavior.
A. Internal incentives
B. Balances of consequences
C. Preferences
D. Unwritten rules
19. Many of a society's important institutions govern communal behavior by way of "unwritten rules." In your text these kinds of social arrangements are referred to as _______ institutions.
A. traditional
B. ad hoc
C. informal
D. cultural
20. Regarding authority in effective institutions, your text emphasizes the example of _______ as a policy issue which falls under no commonly recognized or empowered institution.
A. police corruption
B. involuntarily draftees
C. the illegal drug trade
D. climate change
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  WriterTeacher replied 1 year ago.

hi. am i just supposed to give you the answers to this test?

Expert:  WriterTeacher replied 1 year ago.

I'll work on this tomorrow