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Juveniles and the Leg a I Process PROJECT OBJECTIVE To

Customer Question

juveniles and the
Leg a I Process
To complete this project, you must
• Demonstrate the knowledge that you've obtained in your
course Juveniles and the Legal Process
• Employ this knowledge to address practical issues
regarding juvenile justice that commonly arise in all
• Research, analyze, and write about the law in your
specific jurisdiction with respect to its juvenile justice
By successfully completing this project, you'll experience
the application of your newly gained skills in a true-to-life
professional situation.
To satisfy the requirements for this project, you'1l complete
four specific assignments at the conclusion of this course.
Each assignment should be a clear, well-written essay of
250-400 words. The assignments are based on the following
fact pattern.
Fact Pattern
You're employed by a private consulting firm, Juvenile
Administration, which specializes in the field of juvenile
justice in all of its applications. Your firm is often retained by
school districts and municipalities to advise them on the law
and to suggest solutions for specific issues and problems in
this most important and complex area.
Juvenile Administration has just been retained by your
local school district, which is interested in revamping many
of the procedures that it currently has in place with respect
to its administration of various juvenile justice issues. For
the purpose of this project, you don't have to research the
procedures being used by your local school district. Assume
that the district wants to operate from a clean slate and is
interested in a wide array of information that you must sup-
ply, even if they're already employing some of the methods
and procedures that your information covers.
The managing partner in your firm assigns you as the chief
project manager for this client. After many weeks of meetings
with the members of the school district's administrative
board, you've been able to catalog their concerns into four
major categories.
Assignment 3: Traumatic Events

The school district has many students who have experienced,
or are in the process of experiencing, traumatic events. These
events involve physical, sexual, and mental abuse, as well as
abandonment issues. The district wants your help in identify-
ing such children by learning more about the common
indicators of such abuse and the links that this abuse plays
in leading to delinquency and crime. They specifically want
direction with respect to federal laws and your state's laws
applicable to this problem and the options available to help
address this most serious threat.
Your school district, like many other districts, has a problem
with student substance abuse. They're interested in targeting
these students and in applying the latest methods of inter-
vention, prevention, and treatment. These methods include
community education, after-school programs, counseling,
and detoxification programs.
Finally, the school district wants to receive information on
the problem of youth suicide, including warning signs to
watch for and proactive plans to put into place.
Juveniles and the Legal Process
As the chief project manager, you must respond to these
issues in a comprehensive and relevant written research
analysis. You're free to use all available research tools. In
your report, include, among other relevant responses, the
following items: '
• Federal Child Abuse Prevention and Enforcement Act
• Seesaw model of child abuse
• Maximalist alarmist perspective
• Minimalist skeptical perspective
• DARE programs
• Binge drinking
• Life Skills Training
• Midwestern Prevention Project
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Judy Bailey replied 1 year ago.

Hello and thank you for staying with justanswer! I have followed the progress of some of your previous questions and worked with you on some as well. I'm happy to be able to help again.

I need a little more clarification ... it says that there are four specific assignments based on a fact pattern (the information about the company Juvenile Administration), but I only see one here ... Assignment 3 Traumatic Events. I found two others.

When you submit the fourth one, be sure to put it to my attention FOR JUDYBAILEY so that I am doing all of them for the same price.

Since each one is only 250 - 400 words, your price that you have paid ($60) is sufficient to cover all four assignments. Perhaps another $20 in the end when the work is completed.

As usual, I need to know the book you are using and the due date.

Nice to be working with you again, Manny. Judy

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Hello ***** *****

Thank you for respond the email

please for this assignment i do want to work with you only you. if to many people get involved it getting me confused.

please tell me what you need exactly to be able to complete does Essays

Kind Regards,

Manny Cruz

Expert:  Judy Bailey replied 1 year ago.

Bless your heart, Manny. I'm sorry other questions have been confusing. Yes, you can work with just me.

You have four parts to this work. I have only see three of the parts.

Assignment 1: Juvenile Crime Problem

Assignment 2: Safe Schools

Assignment 3 Traumatic Events

First thing, can you send Assignment 4? You can send it here.

Second thing, when is this needed?

Third thing, the cost for this should be $20 per page and no more. That would mean the whole question is worth (at the most) $128. For just this one you have paid $60.

We can close the other two requests and you can add $68 to this one. I will then send you all four assignments on this request ... between 250 and 400 words each.

I hope that is clear for you. Please ask any questions you may have. Important that I know the due date soon.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.

if you are asking me $20 for each assignment $20*4=$100 please clarify to me and i will send you the missing assignment.


Manny Cruz

Expert:  Judy Bailey replied 1 year ago.

Good question ... no, each assignment is to be between 250 and 400 words.

If they are 400 words, then each one would be $32

Then, the total would be 4 x $32 = 128

As I said it would be "at most" ... we can settle up when all four assignments are completed, but I suspect (from reading the requirements) that each will be best done at closer to 400 words.

Also, I need the due date for the assignments soon because I am arranging my calendar over the weekend for the next two weeks.

Thanks, ***** ***** ask any questions you still have. Judy

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

i have a week for that its due date friday 23th

so can youmake it as $100 please


Manny Cruz

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Assignment 4: Law and Procedures Issues The school district wants to ascertain the applicable law and procedures that govern juvenile crime and the courts. You’ll have to research and inform them about both federal laws and your state’s laws in this area. They’re interested in the kinds of courts used, the differences in the procedures used for juveniles and adults, as well as the juvenile sentencing options. They also want to discover the circumstances that would permit a juvenile offender to be treated as an adult. Finally, they want to know if the teachers in their school district are allowed to search the students and their lockers any time that they want or if there are restrictions on such conduct. They again want both the federal and state laws in this regard. 6 Juveniles and the Legal Process Assignment As the chief project manager, you must respond to these issues in a comprehensive and relevant written research analysis. Your research, as previously stated, must focus on the federal law and on your state law. In addition to other relevant responses, your report should include • Juvenile courts • Juvenile trials and hearings • Juvenile sentencing laws • Incarceration alternatives • Youthful offender treatment • Community corrections • Confidentiality issues • School sanctions • The Fourth Amendment PROJECT SPECIFICATIONS 1. Create a title page with the following information: a. Title: Juveniles and the Legal Process b.Your name c. Your Student Number d.Project number: 50123400 e. Current date 2. Prepare four separate essays of 250–400 words each, following the instructions given for each assignment. Each essay should have a brief introduction, several paragraphs that cover the required information, and a conclusion. 3. Double-space your essays, with left and right margins of 1 to 1.25 inches, flush left and ragged right. Use a plain 12-point font. Graded Project 7 4. Incorporate and properly reference the sources of information obtained from your four assignments, as well as from any other sources of information that you deem relevant. To cite your sources, please follow this procedure: a. Use in-text citations to indicate references to information from outside sources. Include the author’s name and the relevant page number(s) in parentheses. Here’s an example: Human beings have been described as “symbol-using animals” (Burke 3). b.Prepare a Works Cited page for each essay, listing all of the sources you’ve consulted. Use either MLA or APA format for this page. For information on how to prepare this page, go to the Penn Foster Library and click on Guidebooks and Tips in the main menu. 5. Be sure to include all of the information as explained in “Instructions.”

Expert:  Judy Bailey replied 1 year ago.

Yes, I can make it $100 for all 4, but they will each only be one page (double spaced, 250 words).

You can close out the other two requests because they are included here. It is all part of the same request. Do not close this one.