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Juveniles and the Leg a I Process PROJECT OBJECTIVE To

Customer Question

juveniles and the
Leg a I Process
To complete this project, you must
• Demonstrate the knowledge that you've obtained in your
course Juveniles and the Legal Process
• Employ this knowledge to address practical issues
regarding juvenile justice that commonly arise in all
• Research, analyze, and write about the law in your
specific jurisdiction with respect to its juvenile justice
By successfully completing this project, you'll experience
the application of your newly gained skills in a true-to-life
professional situation.
To satisfy the requirements for this project, you'1l complete
four specific assignments at the conclusion of this course.
Each assignment should be a clear, well-written essay of
250-400 words. The assignments are based on the following
fact pattern.
Fact Pattern
You're employed by a private consulting firm, Juvenile
Administration, which specializes in the field of juvenile
justice in all of its applications. Your firm is often retained by
school districts and municipalities to advise them on the law
and to suggest solutions for specific issues and problems in
this most important and complex area.
Juvenile Administration has just been retained by your
local school district, which is interested in revamping many
of the procedures that it currently has in place with respect
to its administration of various juvenile justice issues. For
the purpose of this project, you don't have to research the
procedures being used by your local school district. Assume
that the district wants to operate from a clean slate and is
interested in a wide array of information that you must sup-
ply, even if they're already employing some of the methods
and procedures that your information covers.
The managing partner in your firm assigns you as the chief
project manager for this client. After many weeks of meetings
with the members of the school district's administrative
board, you've been able to catalog their concerns into four
major categories.
Assignment 2: Safe Schools
The school district would like to take all necessary steps to
promote safe schools. In this regard, they're willing to work
with law enforcement, community groups, private concerns,
and federal and state agencies.
The district also wants to target at-risk students who have
the potential to perform acts of violence in their schools.
Therefore, they want you to advise them of possible warning
signs and of the most current methodology for conducting a
detailed threat assessment.
Finally, the school district is aware of a growing gang prob-
lem in the community. They're interested in understanding
the causative factors that drive juveniles to join gangs, the
nature and conduct of the gang culture, and anyantigang
programs and measures they might put into place.
Graded Project
As the chief project manager, you must respond to these
issues in a comprehensive and relevant written research
analysis. You're free to use all available research tools. In
your report, you must include information on the following
• Safe Kids/Safe Streets, Safe Start, and Safe Future
• School Safety Pyramid
• Four-pronged threat assessment
• Gang Resistance Education and Training
• Teens, Crime and the Community
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Judy Bailey replied 11 months ago.

I have replied to you for the 3rd assignment. Since you have paid $60 for that one, this one should be included with it.

You should not have to pay $60 for each of the four assignments if they are only 250 to 400 words long. Since each one is only 250 - 400 words, your price that you have paid ($60) is sufficient to cover all four assignments. Perhaps another $20 in the end when the work is completed.

We should work together to combine the assignments. Judy

Expert:  Judy Bailey replied 11 months ago.

Close this one out.

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