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I found all the questions on here that I need answers to,

Customer Question

I found all the questions on here that I need answers to, but it has all the options and doesn't say which is the correct answer...
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Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Homework
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Q1. What general statement could you make about the laws regarding recompense for injuries in The Hammurabi Code?
a. People paid the same fine, regardless of the severity of injury.
b. The law code distinguished between intentional and unintentional injury.
c. Compensation differed depending on the worth of the person injured.
d. An eye for an eyeQ2. In the bas-reliefs that decorated the walls of Assyrian palaces, one is likely to see depictions of
a. captives being humanely treated.
b. royal lion hunts.
c. beautiful Assyrian queens.
d. Assyrian army conquests.Q3. The Mesopotamians
a. did not believe in an afterlife.
b. believed in heaven, but not hell.
c. believed in hell, but not heaven.
d. believed in an underworld where the shades of the dead resided.Q4. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, the hero is on a search for
a. beauty.
b. justice.
c. immortality.
d. his father.Q5. The Sumerian creation myth stated that
a. there was a single male creator god.
b. all people were given immortality by the gods.
c. the first people arrived on earth in magic boats.
d. the cosmic mountain arose from the primeval sea.Q6. Urbanization tends to lead to
a. a decrease in population size.
b. a weak and fragmented central government.
c. a specialization of arts and professions.
d. the growth of small family farms.Q7. Scholars believe that Sumerian music was
a. closely linked to the recitation of poetry.
b. performed in large public concerts.
c. only performed by women.
d. considered by the priests to be unclean and unholy.Q8. In Sumer the ______________ constituted the principal unit of organization.
a. family
b. city
c. clan
d. satrapQ9. In Sumer symbolic mountains called ______________ were constructed, featuring a temple on the top.
a. pyramids
b. ziggurats
c. mastabas
d. basilicasQ10. According to the Sumerians, human beings were created
a. to rule the earth.
b. to act as the god's representatives on earth.
c. so that the gods would have servants.
d. by the moon in a moment of wild passion.Q11. Which statement about the Nub***** *****dom of Kush is incorrect?
a. Queen mothers played an important role in selection of the king.
b. The kingdom founded by Kashta survived for over a thousand years.
c. A Nub***** ***** conquered Egypt and ruled for fifty years.
d. Social class structure was based on occupation and education.Q12. The famous monumental sculpture of a king with the body of a lion, which is part of the Chephren (Khafre) funerary complex, is better known as
a. Cheops (Khufu).
b. the Lion Gate.
c. the Sphinx.
d. Zoser's stepped pyramid.Q13. Which statement about Egyptian religion is correct?
a. Most gods were fierce and warlike.
b. Beliefs evolved in a simple and logical way over time.
c. Gods were often adopted from other cultures or combined.
d. The goddess Maat represented the sun and had many temples.Q14. During the period of history in which Egyptian culture flourished, known as the ______________ period, the sun god Aten was worshiped, and Egypt was very prosperous and powerful.
a. Theban
b. Kushite
c. Amarna
d. HyksosQ15. The African people from the south of Egypt, who ruled during the Twenty-fifth Dynasty and are noted for bestowing great wealth and authority upon royal women, were the
a. Ptolemies.
b. Libyans.
c. Nubians (Kushites).
d. Greeks.Q16. In the New Kingdom, in place of pyramids, ______________ were built for the pharaohs.
a. beehive tombs
b. ziggurats
c. rock-cut mortuary temples
d. mastabasQ17. Nubia is a geographical term that refers to
a. the portion of the Nile valley below Thebes.
b. all of West Africa.
c. the area that is now modern Morocco.
d. the portion of the Nile Valley between the first and sixth cataracts.Q18. Under the Pharaoh ________________, the god Aten was elevated to new importance.
a. Amenophis IV
b. Hatshepsut
c. Tutankhamen
d. AkhenatonQ19. The Egyptian Book of the Dead contains
a. rituals and secret magical formulas to help individuals pass into the afterlife.
b. the Ten Commandments, which Moses gave to the Israelites.
c. the story of the pharaoh Akhenaton's worship of Ra, the sun.
d. a list of all those who died in battle.Q20. The Egyptian goddess ______________ was a personification of the abstract concepts of truth and justice.
a. Osiris
b. Isis
c. Nephthys
d. MaatQ21. Sappho's lyric poetry developed
a. as an alternative to the male world of politics and warfare.
b. along the same lines as epic poetry.
c. in order to praise the god Apollo.
d. from earlier poetry of Mesopotamia and Egypt.Q22. Greek culture owed debts to the civilization(s) of
a. Egypt.
b. Mesopotamia.
c. Egypt and China.
d. Egypt and
Expert:  GLENN replied 1 year ago.

when do you need the answers for these?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
As soon as possible
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It looks like only 22 questions got posted early, I have 40, so I'll post the rest of them. It most have been too long
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Q23. The lyric in Greece was inseparable from
a. music.
b. public religious rites.
c. theater.
d. public civic rituals.Q24. During the Archaic period in Greece in which the political unit of the city-state, or polis, was formed, the government that evolved was called
a. a plutocracy.
b. a democracy.
c. an aristocracy.
d. an oligarchy.Q25. Because of its emphasis on ______________ , the ancient Greek culture has been particularly significant for the development of the Western humanities.
a. the uniqueness of the individual
b. religious piety
c. women's rights
d. all of the aboveQ26. In Homer's Iliad, the heroes of the two opposing sides were
a. Memnon and Penthisilea.
b. Menelaos and Paris.
c. Agamemnon and Aeneas.
d. Achilles and Hektor.Q27. The consistent sentiment of the lyric poem could be broadly described as
a. enlightening.
b. improvisational.
c. colloquial.
d. emotional.Q28. The ____________ period of Greek culture followed the Mycenaean age.
a. Classical
b. Archaic
c. Neo-classical
d. GoldenQ29. The Trojan War took place during which period of Greek history?
a. Cretan period
b. Mycenaean period
c. Dark Ages
d. Archaic periodQ30. The Greeks believed that the creation of the universe resulted from
a. a swirling sea.
b. God.
c. the Titans.
d. chaos.Q31. In Athens, all policy decisions and laws were made by the
a. Assembly of the People.
b. Council of Five Hundred.
c. Council of Elders.
d. Assembly of the Just.Q32. Athenian women
a. could be citizens.
b. could not be citizens, but did have rights in law.
c. could not be citizens and did not have rights in law.
d. played key roles in public political life.Q33. The first Greek temples were shaped like
a. circular huts.
b. crosses.
c. perfect squares.
d. rectangular boxes.Q34. Which statement about the wives of citizens in classical Athens is correct?
a. They took an important part in politics.
b. They served as hostesses at dinner parties and learned to discuss philosophy.
c. They owned land and rode around to manage their distant farms.
d. They were expected to stay at home and manage their servants and children.Q35. In his treatise on architecture, Vitruvius describes Doric and Ionic respectively as
a. oppressive and enlightening.
b. lofty and earthy.
c. idealistic and realistic.
d. masculine and feminine.Q36. According to Thucydides, Athens fell to Sparta because
a. Sparta was a more perfect democracy.
b. the Athenians used slaves as soldiers instead of free citizens.
c. the Athenian attack on Syracuse was an example of hubris.
d. it was the fate of Athens in payment for the Trojan War.Q37. Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesian War is conceived in terms related to
a. Athenian virtue.
b. classical tragedy.
c. historical necessity.
d. the importance of naval warfare.Q38. The Greeks' society and art was ruled by the ideal of
a. nemesis.
b. moderation.
c. retribution.
d. hubris.Q39. Which statement about Athenian society is correct?
a. Male and female citizens took part in government.
b. Many slaves lived and worked in the city.
c. The Assembly of the People was chosen by lot.
d. Citizens supervised slaves but did no work.Q40. In Greek architecture the two most important "orders" were
a. Metope and Triglyph.
b. Doric and Ionic.
c. Abacus and Echinus.
d. Spartan and Athenian.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Is anyone there?
Expert:  GLENN replied 1 year ago.

ah ok

Expert:  GLENN replied 1 year ago.

Sorry, I got some internet problem a while ago

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Can you cancel my subscription and refund my money, I am not satisfied at all...

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