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I need to know the type of study design I am proposing to

Customer Question

I need to know the type of study design I am proposing to use and the statistical analysis and significance test.
I am using secondary data analysis from a cross sectional survey (n=2000). This is a survey of people who have been in addiction recovery any where from 1 year to 40 years.
My research question is: did the federal parity act that went into effect in 2010, increase the proportion of people who used insurance to pay for treatment (yes/no). Specifically, did the federal act increase the proportion of people equally for racial group (whites, blacks, Hispanics) before and after 2010.
I want to use a pre-post test design. I want to compare the proportion of people who used insurance before 2010 to the proportion of people who used insurance after 2010. However, I need to compare (pre 2010 to post 2010) between 3 racial groups (whites, blacks, Hispanics).
Caveats to consider: 1- this is a naturalist study 2- the people who answer for the pretest, are NOT the same people who answer for posttest. 3- I need to control for many demographic and health variables 3- I can't tell is this best analyzed with an ANOVA?
Here is what I have written, please help me, I don't know how to write the Aim of the study or the analysis. Specifically, from you I need to know how to write the Aim and analysis of the aim.
Test if the federal Equity Act which went into effect in 2010 is associated with an increase in the proportions of participants using health insurance to pay for SUD treatment equivalently for racial/ethnic groups after statistically adjusting for health and demographic status.
Analysis of Aim:
I will use a three group pre-post comparison. The three racial/ethnic groups are non-Hispanic White, non-hispanic Black or African American, and Hispanic. The outcome variable is categorical (yes – used insurance to pay for treatment or recovery services / no - did not use insurance to pay for treatment or recovery services) and will be measured before 2010 (pretest) and during and after 2010 (posttest). A chi-square statistical test will be used to test the proportions of racial/ethnic groups who used insurance for treatment, before and after 2010.
Please include steps on checking for adequate numbers in cell blocks if needed.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 1 year ago.

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