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Answer to Question 1: General Lighting and Receptacle Load:

Customer Question

Answer to Question 1: General Lighting and Receptacle Load: ____________________ Small-Appliance Branch Circuit Load: ____________________ Laundry Branch Circuit Load: ____________________________ Total General Lighting and Receptacle Load ________________ Answer to Question 2: Total Fixed-in-Place-Appliance Load: ______________________ ____________________________________________________________ Answer to Question 3: Dryer Demand Load: Line __________Neutral ____________ ____________________________________________________________ Answer to Question 4: Cooking Equipment Demand Load: Line ______Neutral ____ ____________________________________________________________ Answer to Question 5: HVAC Demand Load ______________________________________ ________________________________________________________Answer to Question 6: Largest Motor Demand Load ______________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Answer to Question 7: Total Demand ____________________________________________ Minimum Service Size ____________________________________ Minimum Size Ungrounded Conductor ____________________ Minimum Size Grounding Electrode Conductor ____________Question 8: Which article of the NEC describes the proper placement of outlets in this type of room? ____________________________________________________________ Question 9: Part 1: According to the NEC, what is the maximum wall space that’s allowed between two adjacent outlets? ____________ Part 2: How large must a wall space be to require an outlet? ____________ Part 3: Should an outlet located at 7-feet up the wall from the floor, used to power a light fixture, be included in wall space requirement? ____________________________________________________________ Question 10: If the outlets in this room are supplied by a single 15A or 20A circuit, what is the maximum current that can be supplied (in amps) to a cord-and plug connected load?Question 12: Part 1: In Figure 1, note that a switch is located close to the door. This switch operates an overhead light fixture. This arrangement is a requirement of the NEC. Which article of the NEC covers this regulation for a room of this type? ____________ Part 2: Other than the switch shown in Figure 1, what alternative way can be used to meet the NEC requirement? ____________ Question 13: If the branch circuits supplying the receptacles in the figure are rated at 20 A, what is the minimum ampacity rating of the conductors in the branch circuit? ____________________________________________________________ Question 14: How many branch circuits that supply the room shown in Figure 1 are required to be GFCI protected according to the NEC? __________________________________________Question 15: What section of the NEC covers the use of GFCI-protected outlets in a residential kitchen? ____________________________________________________________ Question 16: How many of the outlets shown in Figure 2 are required to be GFCI protected by the NEC? Identify the location of the outlets you selected on the figure. ____________________________________________________________ Question 17: What is the maximum distance that can separate the two outlets located to the right of the sink in the figure? __________________________Question 18: The outlets along the countertop are to be used for small appliances. What is the minimum number of branch circuits that would be needed to supply just these small-appliance outlets? ____________________________________________________________ Question 19: Part 1: What is the maximum distance (in feet) that the receptacle intended for the refrigerator can be from that appliance? ____________ Part 2: Name two common kitchen appliances that may require receptacle locations to be closer than required by 210.50 due to restrictions on cord lengths? ____________ Question 20: What is the minimum circuit protection (in amps) and wire size needed for each of the required smallappliance circuits? ____________________________________________________________ Question 21: In Figure 2, note that an electrical outlet is shown on the island in the kitchen area. Is this outlet required by the NEC, or does it represent an NEC violation? Briefly explain your answer. ____________________________________________________________ Question 22: Looking again at the island counter in the kitchen. If the countertop above the outlet was extended 12 inches beyond the base of the cabinet to allow bar-stool seating at the counter, would that change the NEC status of the outlet? Briefly explain your answer. ____________________________________________________________ Question 23: Suppose that a built-in dishwasher is to be installed in this kitchen. Does the NEC allow the dishwasher to be connected to the existing small-appliance circuits? ____________________________________________________________ Question 24: Can any of the receptacles required for the countertop space be mounted in the actual countertop
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Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 1 year ago.

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