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I have some questions in child development that I need some

Customer Question

I have some questions in child development that I need some help with
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Customer: Jeremy seemed very interested in the toy that was on the floor. Phyllis, his babysitter, said, “That’s a doll, Jeremy.” What is Phyllis doing that is beneficial to Jeremy’s development? A. Promoting assimilation B. Synchronizing her behavior with Jeremy’s behavior C. Creating a problem-solving situation D. Orienting A way of speaking, including higher pitch and stress on particular words or syllables, is called: A. baby talk. B. something detrimental for children. C. babbling. D. child-directed speech. Toilet learning: A. must be imposed early during the toddler period. B. should be ignored during the toddler period. C. is a gradual maturational process. D. is best taught by the time the child is 2 years old. Which of the following statements could imply a criticism of Piaget’s theory? A. Infants must do something to or with objects or people in their environment in order for learning to occur. B. Infants as young as 5 months will anticipate the reappearance of an object that they see move behind a screen. C. Infants begin to understand that objects and people continue to exist even though may not be visible. D. Imitative behaviors signal the infant’s growing ability to learn through observing the behavior of others. Which of the following body changes by age 3 facilitates more coordinated locomotion? A. Protruding abdomen B. Leading forehead C. Lower center of gravity D. Feet spread wide apart Strabismus is suggestive of what type of problem in infants? A. Motor B. Speech C. Vision D. Hearing Which of the following most enhances development in large motor coordination? A. Books B. Wheeled toys C. Puzzles D. Shape-sorting toys How is visual-motor development best enhanced? A. Through opportunities to use developing locomotor abilities and small motor skills B. Through multiple biological and environmental influences C. Through expected patterns of development D. Through such activities as kicking balls Which is true about brain growth and neurological development? A. It all happens prenatally, which is why you should take prenatal vitamins. B. It happens in the first 6 months of an infant’s life. C. This type of development slows as the child approaches 2 years old. D. This type of development continues at a rapid pace throughout the early years. By the end of the first year most babies can: A. crawl. B. walk. C. run. D. hop. Babbles which are repeated over and over are called: A. intensive speech. B. dramatic repetition. C. extensors. D. echolalia. That infants imitate others is an argument used by which theorists in explaining cognitive development? A. Social learning B. Information processing C. Maturationist D. Neo-Piagetian Lead is a toxin that can cause disorders in all of these areas EXCEPT which one? A. Brain B. Nervous system C. Kidney D. Heart Matty, a toddler, saw a flying squirrel “fly” from one tree to another and yelled out “bird”. This is an example of: A. assimilation. B. accommodation. C. equilibration. D. the concrete operational stage. Which of the following physical changes does not occur between the ages of 1 and 3? A. Body becomes leaner B. Body becomes more muscular C. Feet are spread apart for balance D. Head becomes larger in proportion to the rest of the body Which of the following does cognitive development LEAST influence? A. The child’s emotional responses B. The child’s social interactions C. The child’s motor development D. The child’s language development Kobe, who is almost 2 years old, used the sounds, “baba” to communicate, “I want my toy rabbit”. This is an example of: A. echolalia. B. overgeneralized speech. C. using jargoning. D. vocables.The process that happens when the previous schema is modified to include or adapt to a new experience is called: A. assimilation. B. accommodation. C. equilibrium. D. sensorimotor.Differences of rates in cognitive development are attributed to: A. environmental influences only. B. genetics only. C. individual motivation to learn. D. genetic timetables and environmental influences.Single words or short phrases used to represent whole sentences are referred to as: A. holophrasic speech. B. echolalic speech. C. babbling speech. D. wordy speech.Which is NOT true concerning gender awareness? A. Most children know whether they are a boy or girl by 2 ½ to 3 years of age. B. Gender schemata are a signal that something is wrong in gender awareness development. C. Gender identity has biological origins. D. Gender identity has sociological origins.As Angela’s mother leaves the room after tucking her in for a nap, she says to Angela, “I’m going to go rest myself for a bit.” As she leaves the room she says “Enjoy your rest,” and hums softly as she makes her way to another room. She leaves the door open. Angela’s mother is: A. providing Angela with a sense of proximity. B. preventing Angela from settling into her rest time. C. ignoring Angela’s need for privacy. D. demonstrating that adults need rest also.Greg and his mother are at the park. Greg, who is two, is playing with other children. His mother is visiting with her friends nearby. “I love you, Mommy!” he yells. This is an example of: A. proximodistal functioning. B. overdependence emotionally on his mother. C. proximity seeking. D. indiscriminate responsiveness.A child in Japan internalizes the basic speech sounds of that language system, while a child from Peru learns different sounds. What is the study of the sounds of a language called? A. Semantics B. Phonology C. Syntax D. Communicative competenceWhat is the reasoning process of young children that relies on incomplete or illogical thinking called? A. Preconceptual reasoning B. Schematic reasoning C. Transductive reasoning D. Conceptual reasoningWhich theorist defined intelligence as being able to solve problems or create something that is valued by one’s community or culture? A. Freud B. Piaget C. Gardner D. ChomskyWhich of the following is FALSE according to Gardner’s multiple intelligences? A. Individuals rarely possess more than five of the intelligences to any degree. B. Most individuals are capable of developing each intelligence to an adequate level of competency. C. Intelligences other than those currently defined by Gardner probably exist. D. Intelligences within each category can be demonstrated in a variety of ways.Adults concerned with the mental health of young children must do all of the following EXCEPT: A. be sensitive to the behavioral and spoken cues that children provide. B. discern expected-for-age and -for-circumstance behaviors from behavioral anomalies for individuals. C. seek early diagnosis and professional intervention and oversight when serious concerns arise. D. recognize there are no limitation for an individual when helping children with mental health issues.As a rule, comprehension of language precedes: A. production of language. B. vocabulary development. C. fast mapping. D. cognitive development.Lisa looks at her daughter, Leeann, a toddler, who is rocking her baby doll. “You sure are going to be a good mother someday!” Lisa says, smiling. This is an example of: A. display rules. B. prosocial rules. C. egocentric rules. D. proximal rules.Which theoretical perspective would view children’s cognitive development being enhanced by the various experiences they have with other microsystems and mesosystems? A. Information processing B. Multiple intelligences C. Social interactionism D. BioecologicalIn substage five of Piaget’s sensorimotor stages, the tertiary circular reactions stage, what cognitive-related behaviors might you typically see in a child? A. Playing peek-a-boo B. Not looking for a toy that drops out of sight C. Reacting to toys that move in circular patterns D. Curiosity and increased imitationWhile children ages 1 and 2 years are still in Piaget's sensorimotor period of cognitive development, around the end of the second year the child moves into what stage? A. Formal operations B. Preoperational thought C. Concrete operations D. Abstract operationsThe toddler’s primary source of information about race and ethnicity is: A. the preschool teacher. B. other children. C. the family. D. neighborhood experiences.Jared said, “I’m a boy and I’m this many” (holding up two fingers). Jared also knows that he lives in Oklahoma and that he likes pizza. This is an example of: A. self-concept. B. self-awareness. C. self-recognition. D. self-definition.According to Gardner’s theory, the sensitivity to meaning, order, sounds, rhythms, and inflections of words is referred to as which of the following? A. Interpersonal intelligence B. Intrapersonal intelligence C. Spatial intelligence D. Linguistic intelligenceWhen children begin to internalize the general rules for making plurals and past tense verbs, they tend to: A. speak in shorter sentences. B. monopolize the conversation. C. overgeneralize the rules. D. ignore the rules. When Jeremy’s teacher says, “Your mother smiled when you opened the door for her. You saw that her hands were too full of sacks to open it herself,” she is: A. encouraging Jeremy to use good manners. B. helping Jeremy to appreciate his mother. C. supporting Jeremy’s emerging prosocial learning. D. making points with Jeremy’s mother. When children learn the structure of a language system, they are said to be learning the: A. phonemes. B. semantics. C. phonology. D. syntax.Sadie looked at her picture in her grandmother’s “brag book.” She pointed to each picture of herself, then pointed to her face and said, “Me!” This is an example of: A. self-concept. B. self-awareness. C. self-recognition. D. self-definition.
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