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Michael Salama
Michael Salama,
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We are just finishing up the muscle system and this week in

Resolved Question:

We are just finishing up the muscle system and this week in lab class we will have like human models out that our instructor will put a tag on a certain muscle and we have to identify the name of the muscle, action and possible points of attachement. I am pretty well with the head, neck and pretty much the back muscles. But when it comes to the arm muscles I have a hard time remembering where on a model like the brachioradialis is located compared to the brachialis and biceps brachii. And in the forearm I know the flexor muscles are on the anterior side but get them confused we have to know the flexor carpi radialis, flexor carpi ulnaris, and I know how to identify the palmaris longus look for the one that goes down the middle in the forearm to the palm region, then the extensor muscles in forearm we have to know the extensor carpi radialis longus and extensor carpi ulnaris.As far as for the leg muscles I am totally confused with the location for them all I have been looking at diagrams, the models we use in class but don't know how to remember best where gracilis is located compared to the biceps femoris, semitendinosus, semimembranous, sartorius, and the quadriceps muscles where they are located like the rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, vastus intermedius. As well as the tibialis anterior, fibularis, soleus and gastrocneumius.If you know of any way to explain to remember where on like a model where these muscles are located an easy way to remember their location that would be very helpful.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Michael Salama replied 1 year ago.
Hello,I have made them funny so they are memorable (that helps me). Let's start with the anterior forearm muscles. :People Fart Publicly For FunPronator teresFlexor carpi radialisPalmaris longousFlexor carpi ulnarisFlexor digitorum superficialis
Expert:  Michael Salama replied 1 year ago.
Let's proceed by you telling me which group of muscles you want to do next so I can create the mnemonic for you.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The leg muscles especially the hamstring muscles and the quadriceps muscles I don't know which order they are in on the leg.
Expert:  Michael Salama replied 1 year ago.
Let's start with the hamstring muscles:From lateral to medial: Biceps Femoris, SemiTendinosus, SemiMembranosusBicycling Families Seem To Stay MobileQuadricep muscles:superficial: Rectus Femorismedial: vastus Medialislateral: vastus Lateralisdeep: vastus IntermediusReal Females Make Life InterestingThis session is open for any further questions that you may have. The only way I am credited here by the website and the money that you have deposited is released is when you rate me.Therefore, I would appreciate a rating, by clicking on one of the rating options stars) at your end, when you are done asking.
Expert:  Michael Salama replied 1 year ago.
Any further questions?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
We are doing now in my Anatomy class the Nervous System and for final exam on May 6th our instructor said we have to look up for ourselves the 12 Cranial Nerves their Roman Numeral Number, their names and how to test for each cranial nerve. I am having a hard time finding anything that has all this information on the internet I can find a list with the numbers and names but can't find anything of how to test for each cranial nerve. There are 12 cranial nerves all together so we have to know all of them for the final exam on May 6th. If you know any good sites that provide all this information or if you can provide a list with Roman numbers, names and how to test each cranial nerve for me to have that would be great.
Expert:  Michael Salama replied 1 year ago.

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