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Hyper Link Question I have a document in Word 2007 that I

Customer Question

Hyper Link Question
I have a document in Word 2007 that I want to send to several users.
The document itself is fairly short – 10 pages or so, but the user may need to refer any of another 30 multi-page documents (technical references).
I tried making a Users Directory with the Basic document in it plus a sub-directory holding the other 30 technical documents.
I named each of those 30 documents in the Basic document then hyper-linked those name to the actual to the technical references in the sub-directory.
Everything works fine on my machine.
But when I put that Users Directory on a USB stick and give it to others to test – the hyperlinks won’t open.
The research I’ve done about Hyperlinks refers to
#1 Absolute hyperlinks (entering the complete address of the file that is being hyperlinked)
#2 Relative hyperlinks (where I’d establish a hyperlink base address such as C:\Users for the Base Document and all hyperlinks will ‘look there for the appropriate file).
If I use #1 Absolute Hyperlinks, then the link will remain aimed at the USB stick I give them (assuming they map the stick the same way I did). Therefore they won’t be able to copy the file to their documents directory on their hard drive and it would be hard for them to pass the document around.
If I use Relative Hyperlinks, then I’ll have to tell them that they have to save the Base document and sub-directory on their hard drives at C:\Users, since I don’t know the USER name for the recipient.
I thought I made this work once in the past, but can’t figure out if I was just lucky (everyone mapped the USB stick the same way I did) or if there is a Solution and I simply forgot the Solution.
I’ve done that more than once.
Any help appreciated.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Ingo U replied 1 year ago.


any chance I could have a look at the base document and one or two of the referenced docs? I'd like to try some experiments for you.

You could attach them here or upload to wikisend, for example.


Ingo U

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Well, I went home, slept, and came back in this morning and make up an extract of the basic document and a directory with a few of the hyperlinked files to send you.
The problem is that I tested it by copying the Test Directory to a USB stick and taking it to another computer - then copying the Test directory - from the USB stick to the new computer hard drive, and removing the stick and then attempting to open the Hyperlinks in the PDF and it worked. I tried again and it worked.
Then I tried it with a second computer (copy to computer hard drive from stick, remove stick, try to open hyperlinks) and it still works.I suspect that yesterday when I had this problem, I as usual, worked in Word and made a sub-directory of the files to hyperlink, went back to Word and made the Hyper links which of course pointed to a path on my hard disk.
Then I copied everything to a USB stick to test it and (maybe ? ?) realized I'd forgotten to made a PDF of the Word File. Our submissions to customers are always PDFs.
If at that point I made a PDF of the Word Document, I may have created a problem with the Hyperlinks.Or maybe it was Sunspots.
Or maybe I did something else wrong and kept repeating the same mistake over and over .
Nope I think I'll go with Sunspots.A nights sleep is sometimes a major part of the solution.
Expert:  Ingo U replied 1 year ago.

OK, no problem, thanks for letting me know. You can contact customer service to release your deposit back to you.

Take care,

Ingo U