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the-pc-guy, Engineer
Category: Homework
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Experience:  10 Years as a tutor helping people with their Computer Programming and Networking Assignments
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This is a database management project. I have a name, email,

Customer Question

This is a database management project. I have a name, email, address and telephone pdf directory that I want to transfer to an Excel spreadsheet with each column separating the 7 various attributes of each record. There are approximately 700 records and they are all formatted in exactly the same way. I can convert the pdf straight to Excel but it will only create a single column with each record containing 7 rows with each attribute in a row. I want to convert this to 1 row/record and 7 columns representing each attribute.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  LogicPro replied 1 year ago.



Hope you are doing well.

Zip pdf and excel files; upload the zipped file to or and post download link here.

What is the deadline?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Not sure how to save files as zip files. No real deadline, just in the next few days or so. Also, I need to know how it was done if it's not all that difficult because I may well have another 3 or 4 such directory files that I want to do the same to without paying over and over. Thanks.
Expert:  LogicPro replied 1 year ago.

you can upload one by one and provide two download links

Read this:

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
These are the files.
Expert:  LogicPro replied 1 year ago.

will check

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Any luck?
Expert:  the-pc-guy replied 1 year ago.

i have viewed your excel file. The way the data is arranged, it will require a macro to fix it. I can write one for you, but there will be an additional charge for this. This is not too complicated and will not take very long.

I am sending you an additional service offer. If you choose to accept it. Then I will get started on it right away.

please Let me know what you decide one way or the other.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
What will the macro do exactly? Will I be able to paste that macro into any similar excel file and have it accomplish the same thing? For example, I may have an another directory that uses the numbers 09,10,11,12 (year in school) instead of 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 (year graduating). I would be fine paying for the macro if I could have it modified depending on the specific Excel file, if if I had to pay an up-charge for the modification. Can I tell you exactly what I want the macro to do before I decide one way or another?
Expert:  the-pc-guy replied 1 year ago.

to the first question, yes, as long as the data is aranaged in the same way. So for example as long as it is 7 rows in 2 columns A and B for each record, then yes the macro would work the same. But if for example, the next one had 8 or 9 rows per record, then it would require modification and that would be additional time, and there would be another charge for that time. So in other words, whatever format you give me your initial file in, will be the format the macro will work on.

As far as what it will do is to split out all of those rows into columns, so since there are 7 rows, it would make 7 columns of the data, and sort the data into those columns on sheet 2, this way the original data would not be modified but rather arranged how you want it to be on sheet 2.

The price that was proposed reflected creating a macro based on the example file you sent. Now if you need each line to be broken up more for example separating the address from the sate and zip that would increase the price. I just assumed you wanted to take 7 rows and just put all of that data into 7 columns instead.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have attached a worksheet that illustrates how I would need the files to appear after the macro is applied.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
By the way, all the records in the Excel file I originally sent you could be organized in a single column to start with. There are 2 columns because that's the way I got it. They could just as easily been in a single column. In other words, column A and B are all separate records and have no relationship to each other (other than being side-by-side).
Expert:  the-pc-guy replied 1 year ago.

so you only want certain info extracted, and city, state and zip need to be separated out.

That will increase the price a bit.

Yes it would be easier if it were all in a single column.

also, I noticed that some records have 6 lines and some has 7. Is it possible that they could all have the same amount even if one of the rows is blank?

If not I can try to program around it.

Just let please send me an updated example that shows how the source data will be arranged.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Here's my problem. You want to charge me an additional $79 and I just checked my credit card account and JustAnswer has already charged my account $5 for the inquiry which is fine, but also another $42 for the answer which has not been provided at all. You are the 2nd person to address this particular project of mine but so far I haven't received anything vaguely resembling an "answer" and yet I've been charged the $42. I won't continue with this unless that charge is reversed, and if it isn't, I will dispute it. I have already contacted the credit card company about this matter.
Expert:  the-pc-guy replied 1 year ago.

please don't yell at me about charges. Why do people always assume I know anything about it. I am just a sub contractor, I don't know anything about how the site bills. I think what I wanted to charge was very reasonable considering the amount of work involved in what you requested.

If you want to get your billing straightened out you will have to contact the customer service for this site. I have no control over this. As it stands, Now I don't trust I will be paid for my time. So therefor I will not be able to assist you.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
please understand that I am not blaming you at all. I will contact Just Answer and take up this issue with them. I just wanted you to know that I cannot continue with this until they have reversed the charge. When that has been done, I will contact you again if you are still interested, or if you prefer, I can move on.
Expert:  the-pc-guy replied 1 year ago.

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