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Goal: Using MATLAB Create a single *.m file (a MATLAB script

Customer Question

Goal: Using MATLAB Create a single *.m file (a MATLAB script file) that completes the five problems given below. At the beginning of your script file include comments with your name, section number and assignment. Also include the commands clear and clc
to ensure that your code will run without any variables being predefined. For each problem include comments that describe the problem in enough detail that anyone not familiar with the problem will understand it, the input required to solve the problem, the
expected output from the problem and the processing needed to get the output from the input. Do not store any information in the default variable ans. 60 ft θ 150 ft distance Problem 1 – Suppose a TV with height of 60 feet has been mounted onto a platform
so that the bottom of the TV is 150 feet off the ground. Viewing of the TV is optimum when θ has been maximized. Generate an array for distance from 60 to 350 feet at increments of 0.5 feet. Calculate θ in degrees for each of these distances. Determine the
max value of theta and the position in the array where this value occurs. Use the position (index/subscript) of the maximum θ value and the array for distances to determine the best distance for viewing. Problem 2: The change of temperature for an object placed
in an isothermal chamber may be modeled by the formula 
 T = Ts + (To – Ts)e-kt where T is the temperature of the object at time t, Ts is the temperature of the isothermal chamber, To is the temperature of the object at time t = 0, and k is a rate constant.
Suppose a can of soda was removed from a refrigerator at a temperature of 38 degrees and placed in a car sitting in the sun that maintains an interior temperature of 125 degrees. Calculate the temperature of the can of soda from 0 to 3 hours in increments
of 0.1 hours to the nearest integer if k is 0.40. Define all the variables then calculate the temperatures. Create a table (do not use table command) with T in the first column and t in in the second problem. Problem 3 – The parametric equation for a cycloid
(curve traced by a point on a circle that rolls along a straight line) is given by the following x = r(θ – sinθ) and y = r(1 – cos(θ)) where r is the radius of the circle and θ is the angle of the point to a perpendicular to the line. Create an array for θ
that goes from 0 to 900 degrees in increments of 0.1 degrees. Calculate arrays for x and y assuming the radius of the circle is 8. Plot y as a function of x. Problem 4: Import the data from the file proj5.mat (use the command given in chapter 2 “Getting Started
With MATLAB”). Use a MATLAB command to determine the number of rows and columns in the array. Column 1 contains time values, columns 2 through 6 contains the data from 5 sensors (each sensor in one column) for each time. Without creating any arrays that are
a subset of the sensor array (otherwise you will lose all the points for this questions) perform the following tasks: determine the average of the sensor readings for each time (do not include the time values in the average calculation), add the average values
to the sensor array to create column 7 of the array, calculate the mean and standard deviation for each sensor, calculate the mean and standard deviation for all the sensors readings. Problem 5: Estimating π. As discussed previously ,one way to estimate the
outcome of for a problem is to use a Monte Carlo simulation which uses a large number of random numbers and there compares the results of these numbers. For estimating π, we can visualize a circle of radius 1 inside a square with a side of 2, both centered
on zero. 1 -1 1 -1 The area of the square is 4 and the area of the circle is π. The ratio of the area of the circle to the area of the square is π/4. Consequently, if a large number of points (N) with x and y values varying between 1 and -1 is generated, the
number of points falling inside the circle would be 
 Points in circle = N*π/4
 The number of points falling inside the circle can be determined by the condition x2 + y2 <= 1. Generate row vectors of random numbers containing 10000 x-values and 10000 y-values
and(###) ###-####x-values and(###) ###-####y values. Use the built-in functions of length and find (chapter 5) to determine the number of points falling in the circle for the row vectors of 10000 elements and the row vectors containing(###) ###-####elements. Then use these
values to calculate the estimate of π. (Do not use any built-in functions other than find, length and rand.) The script file should generate row vectors of random numbers You should have 2 scenarios: 10000 x-values and 10000 y-values and(###) ###-####x-values and
(###) ###-####y values. Add comments to the end of this problem stating why you did not get the same value for pi for both scenarios.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 1 year ago.

Hello, my name is Greg.

Is there any other information you can send to see if I can assist on it this for you? If you have any documents you can upload, you can do so to or and share the link here with us.

If I had a model and could provide that as a model (would have to check files to see if I have one), would that be sufficient or are you seeking a fully written new model program?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Greg,
hope all is well .
I do not need a brand new code to be written although each step should have a comment describing its purpose, also I have attached a data file for the question on wiki send this is the link.
thank you ,
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Greg, hope all is well
Just wanted to check when I will be receiving the file.
it is due in 6 hours.
Thank you
Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 1 year ago.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Please hurry , time is running out. you should have let me know earlier ....
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
if `i send you a written program would you be able to modify it to make it look new ( change varibles and comments ) editing the program to make it a new one basically .. would you be able to do it in the next 3 hours
Customer: replied 1 year ago. (1).m this is the link for it please look into it.
thank you