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Instructions: Please answer all questions in your own words

Customer Question

Instructions: Please answer all questions in your own words OR simply write the command(s) which performs the following tasks Debian (your VM) in as few commands as possible.
Part I: Questions (50%)
1. Why should you keep log files around rather than just delete them?
2. What properties of a log file require it to be rotated?
3. Why is task automation so important to System Administrators? Explain.
4. Answer the following three questions using the following backup plan: Full Backup on the 1st Sunday of every month using four tapes, Incremental Backup M-F using 180 tapes, & Differential backup on every other Sunday (starting the week after 1st Sunday) using 15 tapes.
a. What is the archival window of this backup plan?
b. What would be the restoration process if the system died (and the system got soaked in 3 day-old flood water) on New Year’s Day? Note: New Year’s Day is a Tuesday this year!
c. Based on the plan above, how many tapes would be necessary for each backup type (full, differential, incremental) if we wanted to stretch the archival window to a full year?
5. Suppose you had the following backup plan: Full backups on every Sunday amd Incremental backups for every day between the full backups. Let’s further suppose that something bad happens on Saturday morning and you need to restore the system but you LOST Thursday’s incremental tape. What data would be lost? Explain.
6. Describe a scenario in which a system administrator would schedule maintenance activities using at AND a scenario in which a system administrator would use cron to schedule maintenance activities.
Part II: Scripts (50%):
Instructions: write a variety of scripts to perform a variety of tasks. The scripts should be copied into this file after each question. NOTE: you need comments indicating what is happening for full credit.
1. addusers.bsh – Write a script which adds a list of users non-interactively.
a. Your script should read the names of the users (each on a line by themselves) from STDIN
b. Other than the defaults, set the password (to the user’s name), ensure directory creation, and lock the account after creation.
c. Your script should check to see if the user already exists and NOT attempt to add the user if the user exists (hint: `cat /etc/passwd | grep $username` and check to see if empty)
d. STDIN implies it should run like: cat /root/users | ./addusers.bsh
7. Write a shell script which uses Standard in to read a file passed to it as an argument (like: cat /etc/passwd | ./myscript.bash) and prints the contents of the file line by line with the line number prepended on the same line (DO NOT USE CAT –n, use a counter). Do NOT print blank lines.
1: line 1
2: line 2

8. Write a script which loops through the files and directories in a given directory and only prints out regular files which begin with a given letter. For both arguments, the program should prompt the user for the information (directory and letter) Note: your script should check to see if each entry is a regular file and should print the full path of the file.
9. Write a script which performs all the necessary tasks associated with removing a given user including backing up the user’s files into a backup directory (find all files owned by the user and compress them into a file in the /root/backup directory) and then actually removing the given user from the system. Note: the script should get the user name from the command line.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 1 year ago.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.

I was able to fix it though, I did it in my own little way.

Can you help me close this question please?

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