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Which of the following is the part of a digital camera that

Customer Question

Which of the following is the part of a digital camera that acts as
the film?
A. LCD C. Flash memory card
B. CCD D. SmartMedia card
2. A person’s nose looks longer in a photo than it actually is. This
could be caused by which of the following?
A. A wide-angle lens C. Overexposure
B. A telephoto lens D. Fast film
3. Which of the following is considered operational equipment?
A. Latex gloves C. Tape recorder
B. Change of clothing D. Tool kit
Equipment for Private Investigation
When you feel confident that you have mastered the material in
this study unit, complete the following examination. Then submit
only your answers to the school for grading, using one of the
examination answer options described in your “Test Materials”
envelope. Send your answers for this examination as soon as you
complete it. Do not wait until another examination is ready.
Questions 1–20: Select the one best answer to each question.
Whichever method you use in submitting your exam
answers to the school, you must use the number above.
For the quickest test results, go to
100 Examination
4. Which of the following features on a camcorder permits you to electronically mark a
location on the videotape for easier access later?
A. Cue/review C. Fade
B. Time/date labeling D. Digital zoom
5. Which of the following is vital to the successful operation of all equipment?
A. Training C. Cost
B. Warranty D. Batteries
6. Which of the following is a device used to stabilize the camera?
A. Viewfinder C. Frame counter
B. Tripod D. Film plane
7. Which of the following private investigator specialties requires that you be a trained
A. Trace-evidence collector
B. Investigation photographer
C. Electronic countermeasures specialist
D. Hair and fiber specialist
8. When is the correct time to purchase a gadget for your private investigation company?
A. When you open for business
B. When you get your first client
C. When you need it for a case
D. Private investigators don’t need gadgets.
9. Which of the following is a feature common to all cameras?
A. Lighttight enclosure C. 50mm lens
B. Film transport mechanism D. LCD screen
10. Which of the following statements is true of taking pictures under fluorescent light?
A. You need to use special film to avoid color distortion.
B. Using flash will only make the color distortion worse.
C. You should use a filter to achieve color balance.
D. Fluorescent and incandescent lights cause the same kind of color distortion on film.
11. Which of the following is the correct sequence of events that places the image on the film?
A. Mirror swings up, shutter opens, lens diaphragm adjusts, film is exposed
B. Shutter opens, lens diaphragm adjusts, mirror swings up, film is exposed
C. Lens diaphragm adjusts, shutter opens, film is exposed, mirror swings up
D. Mirror swings up, lens diaphragm adjusts, shutter opens, film is exposed
Examination 101
12. Which light source is daylight film balanced for?
A. Flash C. Incandescent light
B. Sunlight D. Fluorescent light
13. A private investigator is on a surveillance assignment. She’s taking pictures of a subject
who’s standing under an awning in the shade on a bright sunny day. What would you
recommend she do for best results?
A. Use a flash to illuminate the shadows
B. Use spot metering on the subject
C. Use spot metering on the background
D. Let the camera’s program mode set the exposure
14. Which film type is used primarily for night photography?
A. Ultraviolet C. 100 ISO
B. 400 ISO D. Infrared
15. Which of the following is directly related to shutter speed and can cause overexposure or
underexposure of the film?
A. Panning C. Aperture
B. Depth of field D. Film speed
16. Which of the following aperture settings would give you the greatest depth of field?
A. f/8 C. f/2.8
B. f/5.6 D. f/1.4
17. When performing ultraviolet photography, which of the following must you do to get good
A. Use a film sensitive to ultraviolet light only
B. Use a strong flash
C. Use a specialized filter
D. Use your camera’s program mode to ensure proper exposure
18. Which 35mm camera lens has a focal length of 15mm to 35mm?
A. Telephoto C. Mirror
B. Macro D. Wide-angle
19. Which camcorder can download images directly to a computer?
B. Digital D. Super VHS
102 Examination
20. Which of the following is considered to be evidence collection equipment?
A. Flashlight C. Photocopier
B. Cellular phone D. Tape measure
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